Motorola DSP56000CLASA simulator .lib files

Motorola DSP56000CLASA simulator .lib files

Post by robert bristow-johns » Fri, 10 Feb 1995 02:29:26

Has anyone been able to link to the PC library files described in
Chapter 7, 'C Library Functions' of the Simulator Reference Manual
supplied with the Motorola CLASA software package?

I used to work for a company that used Macs and had the Mac MPW
counterpart: DSP56000CLASB software and I was able to write
programs (namely a 56K disassembler) that used the library
function, dspt_unasm_56k(), and link to the MPW file, cm56000.o .
My disassembler worked fine.

Now on a PC I'm trying to do the same thing but I get linker errors
with Borland version 4 (when I link to cm56000.lib).  I called
Motorola about this and they said the applications and libraries
were developed using 'WATCOM' (anyone ever hear of that??).  
They couldn't seem to offer any advice on how to use their
libraries that are part of a package that they sell for money.

Has anyone used these libraries with a common C development system
like Borland or Microsoft?  Or does anyone have source code to a
56K disassembler primative?  Please let me know and if/when I get
this little program to work, I'll post the .lod disassembler for
everyone's perusal.

r b-j


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Thanks a lot


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