Problems in profiling the code execution.

Problems in profiling the code execution.

Post by prasanna8.. » Sun, 11 Feb 2001 20:14:34

Hi folks,
The Code Composer gives enormous number of clock cycles even when
executing very trivial codes.For example for some four assignments in C
CCS gives the clock cycles consumed as 1600!And it takes too long a time
to go to main whenever i press debug->go main.
I suspect that it is because the CCS is searching for a DSK board in my
PC.Occasionally the error "Unable to initialise Tatget DSP" also comes
when executing the code.Cannot I use the CCS only as a simulator?
If I can what settings should be changed for using that as a simulator?
Thanks in advance.

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Problems in profiling the code execution.

Post by prasanna8.. » Sun, 11 Feb 2001 20:22:46

Sorry I forgot to include the folowing information.
I am using CCS 6xxx evaluation version.

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1. How to profile code execution time?

Dear All,

I am using TI CCS2.0 to develop my code. It is very strange that I can't get
the exact time of my code.

When I use profiling function based on TI simulator, I got the total cycle
of instructions which is about 30million. I assume this means 30/200 seconds
if I run my code on a real DSP chip (200MHz TMS320C6202).

But it is not. The function clock()  always returns zero or very small
number, the profiling function of TI CCS2.0 told me that my code execution
time is 8000 cycles. It seems my code only contains of a few 'printf's.

I have to run my code 300 times continuously so that I can test the
execution time by my watch. The result surprised me because it is 10 times
slower than I expected.

I am using Digital Spectrum SPI515 and Euresys Prestissimo DSP board to test
my code.

Would you please tell me how you guys profile the code execution time? TI's
examples don't work sometimes in my opinion.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,


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