Free DSP hardware and software

Free DSP hardware and software

Post by Chris Bor » Sat, 14 Jul 2001 18:54:55

Following a merger, I now have some redundant DSP systems that I would
like to give away to good homes.

There are two types of system:

1) PC boards based on the AT&T DSP32C (a floating point DSP programmed
in C). I have about a dozen boards with different analog I/O daughter
cards, also full sets of software including C compiler and

2) Burr Brown 'DSPlay' systems - these also use DSP32C but the
programming environment (DOS based) uses block diagrams for real time
processing. Again, I have sets of software and documentation o go with

These would be best to supplement systems for an existing user of such
things - I would give preference to an educational institute which
could make use for general purpose DSP teaching and project work.

I'd like to send the whole of each set of hardware to one recipient
rather than have to go through and divide it up. It would also be
cheaper if the recipient were in England, where I am.

Please send private email if you could make use of these systems.


Chris Bore
Vice President
Sales Marketing and Training
Momentum Data Systems


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For any interested party,  I can send you FREE DSP
filter software that calculates FIR, IIR filters
and does Remez exchange as well.  Hilbert
transforms are thrown in for good measure.  Also,  
it graphs filter response to your PC screen.  It
runs under DOS,  is menu/mouse driven and is simple
to use.  It is freeware, I wrote it.
For your copy simply address your request to me at

Brian Senese

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