DSK TDM Serial Port

DSK TDM Serial Port

Post by S.C.C. Leon » Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Enabling TDM port
I'm trying to connect multiple AICs to the DSK via its TDM serial port.
However, found that the port seems not enabled by the bootloader(I
suspect) or may be something else. (i.e. no TCLKX & TCLKR signals)

Therefore got a serial port handshaking error when running dsk5D or
dsk5L, de* and loader respectively.

Please anyone who have some experience in TMS320C50 on the DSK give me
some advice.

Thank You!


1. Help with SHARC serial port in TDM mode


I'm trying to get a 21060 SHARC to drive a TDM serial port to simulate
the output of an A/D (like the AD1847 for example).  I have the example
code and can talk to the AD1847, but can't get the SHARC to generate the
clock and frame sync in TDM mode.  If I provide external clock and frame
sync it will run, but I need to get the SHARC to generate the clocking
signals.  I notice that there are several "anomalies" related to the
SHARC serial ports.  Can what I'm trying to do be done?  If so, any help
with register settings, wiring, or especially code would be appreciated.

Bill Wright

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