away notice

away notice

Post by Igor Kaludje » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 23:43:30

I wont have access to email for a week, so new posters please be patient
(old ones have auto-approve status).

Thank you.

Igor Kaludjer
comp.simulation moderator


1. "Giving" CBM Stuff away ...

Hi all...

   Once I've used the 1541 drive to pull the programs from my old pet disks
onto my PC, I have the following to give to someone (if you wish to pay for
it, you can - the highest bidder gets it all - no partials- you pay for
shipping - if no one offers $$, the first request gets it - shipped

   1541 drive
   Plus 4K machine - I'd never heard of it myself-not sure if it works
   C64 Machine
   Epson lx-86
   Commodore 1702 Monitor

The C64, 1541, monitor and printer were in use until about 2 weeks ago when
the person using them bought a PC - I know they work...I hooked them up...

I will not check this news group for requests, please e-mail me if you are

I will notify the "lucky" person by December 1st
Derek McGowan

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