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(1) CALL: Ballistics Simulation II
(2) Wanted: MIPS Simulator
(3) PARALLAXIS Programming System Available
(4) Simscript II.5 News Group

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Date:     Thu, 17 May 90 13:33:36 EDT
From: "Michael J. Chinni, SMCAR-CCS-E" <mchi...@PICA.ARMY.MIL>
Subject:  Conference announcement and call for papers


                           BALLISTICS SIMULATION II
      a standalone specialist technical conference in conjuction with the

                        1991 Simulation Multiconference
                                April 1-5, 1991
                            New Orleans, Louisiana

            Sponsored by The Society for Computer Simulation [SCS]

        Following its successfull introduction in 1990, Ballistics Simulation II
will feature several sessions dedicated to all aspects of ballistics. Technical
papers, presentations and proposals for tutorials, panels, workshop and other
special formats are solicited in (but not limited to) the following areas:

        Interior Ballistics
                o New Technology Gun Simulation
                o Gun Muffler Simulation
                o Effects of Worn Gun Tubes on Velocity and Pressure
                o Small Caliber Gun Simulation

        Exterior Ballistics
                o Flight Dynamics
                o Thruster effects on fin-stabilized projectiles
                o Effects on aircraft armaments release accuracy of near-miss
                  anit-aircraft weapons

        Terminal Ballistics
                o Armor plate perforation/penetration
                o Hit probabilities on variably-shaped objects
                o Bullet-proof garment perforation/penetration

                o Effects of projectile generated spall on vehicle weapons
                o Crew Survivability Analysis
                o Wound Ballistics

        Ballistics personnel, modelers, researchers, developers, and
experimentalists from industry, academia, DOD, DOE, and other government
installations are invited to contribute and participate in this conference.
Send three copies of original previously unpublished papers or abstracts to the
address below by September 1, 1990. Notification of acceptance or rejection
will be made by September 14, 1990. Author kits should be received by accepted
authors by October 1, 1990. Responsibility for all clearances associated with
full papers - which will be published in the conference proceedings - rests
with the author. To allow time for such clearances, the due date for
camera-ready copy is January 2, 1991.

        Submit papers, abstracts, presentations and proposals for tutorials,
panels, workshops and other special formats to:

                               Michael J. Chinni
                        Chair, Ballistics Simulation II
                        Attn: SMCAR-CCS-E, B.350 Annex
                   Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey 07806-5000

        Include full names, affiliations, addresses and phone numbers (office
and home) for each participant. Attach, or copy business cards if available.
Indicate on the page that this is for the 1991 Simulation Multiconference -
Ballistics Simulation II.  Participants are expected to register early, at a
reduced rate and to attend the conference at their own expense.

Anyone wishing further information can contact Mr. Chinni at the above address
or at: (201)724-4140/(DSN)880-4140     <>


From: (Dan Waylonis)
Subject: MIPS Simulator for SUN3 Needed!!!
Date: 18 May 90 00:48:23 GMT
Reply-To: Dan Waylonis <>
Organization: Ohio State University Computer and Information Science


I'm looking for a MIPS simulator for the Sun 3 computer.  I'd like to be
able to:  compile, reorganize, and run/debug on this simulator.

If you know where I can get this here thing, please send me E-Mail.


Dan Waylonis, sublime grad student  | Home Sweet Home:
Ohio State University, Dept. of CS  | 2251 Buckley Rd. Cols., OH 43220-4613
2036 Neil Ave., Cols., OH 43210-1277| (614) 459-7326
Email:  |


From: Thomas Braeunl <>
Date: Tue, 22 May 90 17:20:47 +0200
Subject: Parallaxis: new versions



Now Parallaxis version 1.0.1 is available with a few bugs fixed.
It is available via "anonymous ftp" from:    (
    in subdirectory    pub/parallaxis

Please send remarks or bug reports directly to:
but FIRST, make sure you are using the latest version of the system.

Text file BUGS_FIXED documents problems with earlier versions that
have been fixed. Text file DOCU_SHORT gives a limited overview about
the Parallaxis system, including the language's syntax, but does NOT
replace the user manual.

In addition to the current versions for:
  * Apollo              (   9.7)
  * Sun3                (OS 4.0)
  * Sun4 / Sparcstation (OS 4.0)
  * IBM-PC  and
  * Apple Macintosh

we now provide also versions for:
  * HP 9000/300  and
  * HP /800 series

Please, keep in mind that you still need the "Parallaxis User Manual"
(which is not available via ftp) for serious use! So when returning
the registration sheet, please indicate that you received the system
through the net and you just need the manual.

Parallaxis is a procedural programming language based on Modula-2,
but extended for data parallel programming. It was developed at the
Universitaet Stuttgart (Germany) and is now available as public
domain software.

Here, the main approach for machine independent parallel programming
is to combine a description of the (virtual) parallel machine with
the parallel algorithm that is bound for that particular architecture.
Parallaxis allows the structured programming of SIMD systems with a
central host and a large number of identical processors. The declaration
includes the number of identical processors with local memory (PEs),
the names of communication ports, and the network topology for data
exchange among PEs. With this information contained in each program,
the parallel algorithm becomes simpler (e.g. symbolic names for
communication directions) and easier to understand.

The Parallaxis system comprises the compiler (producing parallel
pseudo-assembly code), the simulator (interpreter) and example programs.
The user manual is available on request from the address below.

Thomas Braunl               e-mail:
Univ. Stuttgart IFI,  Azenbergstr. 12,  D-7000 Stuttgart 1,  W.-Germany


From: (Chris Goldsmith)
Newsgroups: comp.simulation
Subject: Simscript II.5 News group
Keywords: simulation, simscript
Date: 25 May 90 13:26:17 GMT
Organization: The George Washington University, Washington D.C.

        Is there enough interest to have a news group for users of
        Simscript II.5? CACI has no formal users group although they
        have a large installation base. My thinking is that this
        group would be a logical subsection of comp.simualtion, i.e.
        comp.simulation.simscript or just comp.simscript.

        What are your thoughts in the matter ???