<<MESSAGE TO>> !!!Pete Bruffell!!!!!!

<<MESSAGE TO>> !!!Pete Bruffell!!!!!!

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What a good British boy ?

You speak like a politician. How do you consider yourself : like a
superior citizen of UK, defender of noble cause, a new Highlander,
Jesus of Nazareth ?
How can you conclude that I'm a loser in the game of life. Actually,
I'm not. I followed studies in two very well known Universities (just
like you I suppose) : so consider my professors like builder of life
I don't like 'pseudo' intellectual people like you.
I won't say that your are a loser in life or a lamer : I say that I
SUPPOSE that your are a loser & I think that you were offended by the
word 'lamer' because you are PROBABLY a lamer yourself.
You didn't use the words 'suppose, think, probably' & it's all the
difference with me.
If you want to be judge, try to be good. The way you use to criticize
my sentence about the man who creates 1.4a that destroy windows
directory makes me think that you are not good. You have perhaps a
chance : contact Sylvester Stalone for judge dread II : he will
perhaps find something that looks like the begining of a small talent
in you.

See you soon Bernard-Henry Levy.


1. R.I.P. <<<<< NESticle >>>>> R.I.P.

TiS a sAd dAy iN dEEd |:(

With the current demise in hand, I must give thanks to all the
programmers of emulators (both console and PC).  NESticle was to be
the beginning to great emulation for the NES, but sadly many are
giving up because of people on the net who have no respect for the
hard work and dedication of staying up all night coding, or skipping
meals trying to debug thousands of lines of code GoD couldn't make

I sadly feel that other emulator authors like Marat, TheBrain, and
others may also leave the scene.  Many of the founders of console
emulation have put forth too much towards it.  So the least we could
do is say thank-you.  And others [you know who you are], should
apologize [and go away].

BTW, who the hell is MiNdRaPe?
I've heard about him cauzing trouble bEfoRe!!

Go ahead an flame me, i LiKe tO pLaY wIt' FiRe

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