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Date: Fri, 1 May 92 12:24:08 -0700
From: Michael Shafto <>
From: Stephanie A Guerlain <>
Subject: hfnews is finally up!!

Hello everyone.

Just to let you know that the human factors student newsgroup has now
officially started.  The name of the newsgroup, after some useful input from
many of you, has been chosen to be hfnews, due to its simplicity.  Of course,
as one of you pointed out, in order to post to the newsgroup you will have to
send mail to:

which isn't so simple after all. Therefore, I set up the group such that a
standard "reply" to any message that you receive will get sent back to
everyone in the group.  This will minimize the number of times you will have
to type in the above, cumbersome address.  Otherwise, you can set up a
simpler name for the group on your account by using an alias (ask someone
where you are how to do this).  

To add or delete your name from this list, you can send mail to,, or    (All three addresses forwarded to me)

I hope everyone enjoys and uses this list to its fullest!

Stephanie Guerlain
Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory (CSEL)
The Ohio State University

 ------- End of Forwarded Message


Date: 05 May 92 14:20:03+0100
Subject: Discrete Event Systems

In an earlier posting, I asked readers to tell me about articles, journals,
books etc. on the subject "Discrete Event Systems".

The following list represents the reponse I've got:


[1] P.J. Ramadge and W.M. Wonham, "Supervisory control of a class of
discrete event processes", SIAM J. of Control and Optimization, Vol.
25, No. 1, January 1987.

[2] P.J. Ramadge and W.M. Wonham, "Modular feedback logic for discrete
event systems", SIAM J. of Control and Optimization, Vol. 25, No. 5,
September 1987.

[3] P.J. Ramadge and W.M. Wonham, "Modular supervisory control of
discrete event systems", In Proceedings fo the 7th International
Conference on the Analysis and Optimization of Systems (Lecture notes
in control and optimization of systems, vol. 83, Springer-Verlag),

[4] R. Cieslak, C. Desclaux, A.S. Fawaz and P. Varaiya, "Supervisory
control of discrete event processes with partial observations", IEEE
Trans. on Automatic Control, 33(3): 249-260, March, 1988.

[5] J.N. Tsitsiklis, "On the control of discrete-event dynamical
systems", Mathematics of Control, Signals and Systems 2(2):95-107,

[6] R. Smedinga, "Using trace theory to model discrete events", In
Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Vol. 103, pages
81-99, Springer-Verlag, 1987.

[7] P.J. Ramadge, "Some tractable supervisory control problems for
discrete-event systems modeled by Buchi automata", IEEE Trans. on
Automatic Control, 34(1):10-19, January, 1989.

[8] B.H. Krogh, "Controlled Petri nets and maximally permissive
feedback logic", In Proc. of the 25th Annual Allerton Conference on
Communication, Control and Computing, Univ. of Illinois,
Urbana-Chamgagne, September, 1987.

[8] L.E. Holloway and B.H. Krogh, "Synthesis of feedback control logic
for a class of controlled petri nets", IEEE Trans. on Automatic
Control, 35(5):514-523, May, 1990.

[9] K. Inan and P. Varaiya, "Finitely recursive process models for
discrete event systems", IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control 33(7):
626-639, July, 1988.

[10] Discrete Event Simulation. R. F. Garzia
and B. P. Zeigler. IEEE Spectrum Magazine,
December 1986 issue, pp. 32-36.

[11] Discrete Event Simulation Methodologies and Formalisms.
R. F. Garzia. IEEE/ACM Simulation Digest, Vol. 21,
No. 1, pp. 3-13. Summer 1990.

[12] A. Ichikawa and K. Hiraishi, "Analysis and control of discrete
event systems represented by petri nets", In Lecture notes in Control
and Information Sciences, Vol. 103, Springer-Verlag, 1987.


[1] Y.C. Ho and X. Cao, "Perturbation Analysis of Discrete
Event Dynamic Systems", Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1991.

[2] P. Glasserman, "Gradient Estimation Techniques for
Discrete Event Systems", Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1991.

There is also a new journal from Kluwer called
"discrete event dynamic systems: theory and applications"
which is worth looking for.

P. Demel

Institute for Control of Machine Tools
and Manufacturing Systems
University of Stuttgart
Seidenstr. 36
D-7000 Stuttgart 1




Newsgroups: alt.industrial.computing,comp.simulation,
Path: pinto
From: (Mike Pinto)
Subject: facilities layout software
Organization: Red Barn Data Center Public Access Unix, Winston-Salem, NC.
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1992 14:11:54 GMT

I am a student taking a course in Plant Layout. I have a report (due in 3
weeks) to do on computerized facilities layout, which is basically using
software to help efficiently design a plant layout, based on the info
you supply it. Our book lists several software packages, such as CRAFT,
CORELAP, ALDEP, and PLANET, and tells a little about each. The problem is
that the book is not exactly up to date (copyright 1977).

I'm hoping that someone out there can help me with coming up with some
up to date software packages for facilities layout. I don't need the
actual software, but just the names of the packages, who publishes it
(name, address, and phone, if possible), and maybe a short overview on
what the package is capable of (such as graphically displaying layouts
based on user input, updating and changing layouts, ease of use, etc).

I would really appreciate anything anyone can suggest. If possible, E-mail
any replies, since I don't come here too often.

Thanks for any help...

Mike Pinto                  | If God had intended man to fly, he         | wouldn't have put all the traction
                            | down here.


[[ED: Cross posted from -PAF]]

From: l...@cmp.Physics.McGill.CA
Subject: Object/model synthesis (?)
Date: 24 Apr 92 13:16:53 GMT

        TOPIC: Object/model synthesis for head-up display

        We are about to embark on a project which includes a head-up
display for a ground-vehicle simulation.  I would like to contact other
groups who have already done this or have useful experiences in object
synthesis (sky, geography, vehicle, flora/fauna, etc.).  Specifically,
it would be nice to acquire a working platform but, more generally,
I would like to gather references on model libraries, structure-building
algorithms and relevant literary references.  I would be happy to compile
a summary of these things for the list.  There have already been a couple
of useful and relevant discussions here like the "cloud synthesis" topic.

        If you know of some group who is engaged in developing a driving
simulation (I know GM Motors is working on a big one), I would appreciate
being given directions to them.

        Thanks in advance,

        Please Email direct to me since I can only access this news group
via archives.
                               _  _  _  _
Loki Jorgenson                  \ O\/O /      node:  l...@Physics.McGill.CA
Grad/Systems Manager             \_/\_/       BITNET: PY29@MCGILLA
Physics, McGill University       / \/ \       fax:   (514) 398-6526
Montreal Quebec CANADA         _/ _/\_ \_     phone: (514) 398-7027

                      -*  Spiritually dyslexic  *-


Date: Mon, 4 May 92 13:40:21 PDT
From: (Levent Aydin)

        I am very new to this newsgroup but I liked it so far.I am a
PhD student at USC Communication Sciences Institute studying on
frequency hopping spread spectrum systems.As such, in my studies me
and the other guys in our group ness to simulate telecommunication
systems on the SUN's (Sparc) that we have here.So far the only useful
simulator I could ever find was a program called COSSAP.I think it is
somewhat experimental and I've been told that it has some problems
with it like poor documentation.I was wondering if any of you guys out
there know a good simulator that I can get a hold of.Thank you in
advance.By the way since I am not following this group so often I will
be delighted if you could send me an e-mail.Thank you very much...

                                                L  E  V  E  N  T


Newsgroups: comp.simulation,comp.object
From: (Steve Charlton)
Subject: prototype simulator
Summary: looking for an object oriented prototype simulator
Organization: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
Date: Wed, 6 May 1992 16:48:59 GMT

I am looking for a preferrably object oriented prototype simulator.
This would allow someone to simply attach the simulator to a usable
prototype with few modifications so that one could either simulate or
simply run the prototype.  This could remove the problem of verifying
that the simulation is correct w.r.t. the prototype.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

        Steve Charlton
        University of Manitoba


Date:         Thu, 7 May 1992 09:18:10 MST
Reply-To: "Simulation Applications in Business/Education (rroberts)"
Sender: "Simulation Applications in Business/Education (rroberts)"
From: The Last Frontier <>
Subject:      Hi:simulation
To: Multiple recipients of list SIMEDU-L <SIMED...@NMSUVM1.BITNET>

I am a recent mining engineer graduate. I will be following my education
in the field of computer simulation of the daily mining operation at the
university of British Columbia. I am suppose to develop programs in mining
activities such as:

 - Daily truck and shovel movement.
 - Underground ventilation.
 - Maintenance system simulation.

and many other subjects of mining industry.

I am wondering if any other friends using this file server are
involved in activities such as what I am doing.
I would like to get to know the friends and perhaps talk about
their experiences.

Please e-mail me to this address:





To: comp-simulat...@uunet.UU.NET
Newsgroups: comp.simulation
Subject: Re: Need Simulation Textbook
Organization: University of Arkansas
References: <>
Date: Tue, 5 May 1992 15:40:16 GMT

Doug Jones inquired about textbooks for teaching
discrete-event simulation.
  My experience has been with a book entitled
"Simulating Computer Systems", by M.H. MacDougall,
MIT Press, 1987.
  The book utilises a small language of the
author's devising and includes the source code.
The strong point of the book is somewhat in-depth
simulation examples which students could modify
in various ways (e.g. as directed by the chapter
end exercises) and which teach about some relevant
computer-related topics (e.g. the ethernet model
is developed fairly extensively, taking up a whole
chapter). Other chapters are devoted to other
computer-related models and simulations.
  Unfortunately, the basics are described too
quickly and advanced topics are brought up with
insufficient explanation, making the book perhaps`
unsuitable to an introductory course even at the
graduate level. At any rate, the graduate class
I taught had problems with it (and I had a few
  A disk with the author's simulation language
is included as well as an instructor's manual
with exercise solutions.
  The 1987 publication date and some annoying
and confusing typos may also deserve consideration.
  I'd be interested to hear if this assessment is
shared by others in simulation, as my background
in simulation is a bit unconventional, coming from
the AI (qualitative simulation) end of the spectrum.

Dan Berleant




Newsgroups: soc.culture.indian,comp.simulation,sci.math,sci.math.num-analysis
Path: pd18
From: (Pradip Dutta)
Subject: International Symposium on Math. Modelling & Comp. Simulation
Organization: Columbia University
Date: Tue, 5 May 1992 03:33:03 GMT

An international conference on mathematical modelling and computer simulation
is being hosted at the Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer
Simulation at Bangalore, India, in Dec. 1992. The following is a preliminary
announcement of it which I received by email from Dr. K.S. Yajnik of CMMACS.
Other details will follow soon.

 ---Pradip Dutta




An  international  symposium is planned to provide  a  forum  for
discussion  of  current problems of  mathematical  modelling  and
scientific  computing.  The context is  requirements  of  solving
problems  of  increasing  complexity  in  varied  scientific  and
technological disciplines as well as rapid developments in  high-
performance computing. Major areas of interest include :

     *    Numerical   methods   of   solution   of   partial
          differential equations
     *    Specialised  methods  for  highly  stiff/nonlinear
     *    Algorithms   for   supercomputing   and   parallel
     *    Computer visualisation and animation
     *    Grid generation
     *    Data assimilative techniques
     *    Modelling  problems/techniques in

               a.   atmospheric, ocean and earth sciences,
               b.   fluid flows of aerospace/industrial
               c.   large scale structures,
               d.   power systems , etc.

Symposium  programme will include invited  lectures,  contributed
and poster session papers, and panel discussions.  Visits to R  &
D labs, one-day excursion to historic city of Mysore,  reception,
banquet and a cultural programme are also planned.

Invited speakers (partial list):

*    Babuska                     *    G.Pratap        
*    B.Bernard                   *    S.S.Rai              
*    S.Chakravarthy              *    E.Rodin              
*    D.Cox                       *    Sarvajit Singh      
*    G.Golub                     *    S.Shetye            
*    E.J.Kansa                   *    G.Sod                
*    H.B.Keller                  *    J.L.Steger          
*    D.Lee                       *    N.P.Weatherill      
*    S.K.Mitra                   *    M.Witten            
*    S.Patankar

IMACS Organising Committee

*    S.K.Dey (Chairman)          *    K.S.Yajnik (Co-chairman)  
*    P.K.Basu                    *    B.K.Soni                      
*    B.N.Dutta                   *    M.Toosi    
*    E.J.Kansa                   *    J.P.Ziebarth
*    S.Manukutla
National Steering Committee

*    A.P.Mitra (Chairman)        *    V.Rajaraman          
*    V.K.Gaur                    *    N.Rudraiah            
*    C.K.Majumdar                *    D.K.Sinha            
*    R.Narasimha                 *    K.S.Yajnik (Secretary)
*    N.C.Nigam

Call for Abstracts

Contributions are expected to be unpublished work on problems  of
current  interest.   Extended abstracts of 1000 words  should  be
sent before 1st July 1992 to :

Prof.S.K.Dey                  Dr.K.S.Yajnik                        
Dept. of Mathematics          Head, C-MMACS                        
Eastern Illinois University   National Aeronautical Laboratory      
Charleston, IL 61920-3099     Bangalore 560 017, India              
USA                           Tel: (812) 574649, 579611 Extn. 411  
Tel: (217) 581-3217           Fax: (812) 560392                    
Fax: (217) 581-5188           e-mail:
e-mail:         Grams: NAEROLAB, Bangalore            

Registration fees

     US $ 300  for participants from outside India
     Rs.3,000 for participants from within India.

Financial Support

Possibilities of partial support for a few participants are being

             Form for receiving further information
                  (Please use capital letters)

Name  ___________________________________________________________
Mr/Ms.                        Dr./Prof.

Designation _____________________________________________________

Institution _____________________________________________________

Country  ________________________________________________________

Full address  ___________________________________________________



Telex No. _______________________________________________________

Fax No. _________________________________________________________

Tel.No. _________________________________________________________

e-mail __________________________________________________________

Interest in participating in the meeting                 (Yes/No)

Interest in submitting a paper                           (Yes/No)

If yes, title ___________________________________________________


Authors _________________________________________________________



Date:    Wed, 6 May 92 01:29:53 GMT
From: stock...@Sdsc.Edu
Subject: Call for papers announcement
X-St-Vmsmail-To: ST%""
X-St-Vmsmail-Cc: ST%""
From:   ST%""  4-MAY-1992 20:09:45.39
Subj:   SimTecEmailAd

C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

* SimTec 92 * WNN92/Houston *


  WNN92/Houston:  A Neural Networks Conference held with SimTec
    NETS Users Group Meeting:  NASA/JSC Neural Network Simulation
      FNN Symposium:  Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks Overview & Applications
                      Lofti Zadeh, UC Berkeley

NOVEMBER 4-7, 1992

SimTec Sponsor:
[SCS] The Society for Computer Simulation, Int.
Co-sponsor: NASA/JSC; Cooperating: SPIE
WNN Additional Sponsors:
Cooperating: INNS  Participating: IEEE NNC

                       Computer and Simulation Technology
                            Life & Physical Sciences
                              Intelligent Systems

                          Panels, Exhibits, Standards
                Paper Contest: Academic, Industrial, Government
                      Tour: NASA/JSC Simulation Facilities

             Keynote Speaker:  Story Musgrave, M.D. NASA Astronaut


                        WNN92/Houston:  Neural Networks

             Paper Contest, Performance Measure Methodology Contest
               Software Exchange, Panels, Demonstrations, Exhibits

                            NETS USERS GROUP MEETING

                     Sponsor:  [SCS]; Co-sponsor: NASA/JSC
             Cooperating:  SPIE and INNS; Participating:  IEEE-NNC


                    FNN Symposium:  Overview & Applications

                           FUZZY LOGIC:  Lofti Zadeh
                       NEURAL NETWORKS:  Mary Lou Padgett

                  Sat., Nov. 7, 1992:  Supplemental Fee Covers
               Tutorial Handouts and NETS Executable and Examples
                      Sponsor: SCS;  Co-sponsor: NASA/JSC


                                   SimTec 92

              Topics of Interest include, but are not limited to:

                       Computer and Simulation Technology

 * Automatic Control Systems
             C. F. Chen, Boston U (617) 353-2567
 * Education for Simulation Professionals
             Troy Henson, IBM (713) 282-7476
 * Electronics/VLSI
             Joseph R. Cavallaro, Rice U (713)527-8101 x3589
 * High Performance Computing / Computers
             Mohammad Obaidat, U Missouri (816) 235-1276
 * Mathematical Modeling
             Richard Greechie, Louisiana Tech U (318) 257-2538
 * Massively Parallel & Distributed Systems, Transputers, Languages
             Enrique Kortwright, Nichols St U (504) 448-4406
             Stephen Seidman, Auburn University (205) 844-4330
 * Software Modeling, Reliability & Quality Assurance
             Norm Schneidewind, Naval Postgrad. Sch. (408) 646-2719
             John Munson, U West Florida (904) 474-2989
 * Virtual Environments
             John Murphy, Westinghouse (412) 256-2693
 * Multimedia Just-in-Time Training

 * Process Simulation & Process Control Standards

 * Simulation in ADA


 * Pilot-in-the-Loop Flight Simulation
             Richard Cox, General Dynamics (817) 777-3744
 * Real-Time Simulation and Engineering Simulators
             Pat Brown, The MITRE Corporation (713) 333-0926
 * Robotics & Control
             Lloyd Wihl, CAE Electronics (514) 341-6780
 * Satellite Simulators
             Juan Miro, European Space Agency (+49) 6151 902717
 * Space Avionics / Display and Control Systems
             Rita Schindeler, Lockheed Engr. & Sci. (713) 333-7091
 * Astronaut Training

 * Guidance, Navigation and Control (GN&C)

                            Life & Physical Sciences

 * Biomedical Modeling & Simulation
             John Clark, Rice University (713) 527-8101 x3597
             Lou Sheppard, UT Medical Branch (409) 772-3088
 * Geophysical Modeling & Simulation
             David Norton, Houston Area Res. Ctr. (713) 363-7944
 * High Energy Physics /SSC Modeling & Simulation
             David Adams, Rice University (713) 285-5316
 * Computational Biology

 * Petrochemical Modeling & Simulation


                              Intelligent Systems

 * Automation & Robotics
            Ian Walker, Rice University (713) 527-8101 x2359
 * Expert Systems / KBS
            David Hamilton, IBM Corporation (713) 282-8357
 * Fuzzy Logic Applications in Space
            Robert Lea, NASA/JSC (713) 483-8105
 * Fuzzy Logic Applications
            Joe Mica, NASA/Goddard (301) 286-1343
 * Intelligent Computer Aided Training (ICAT)
            Bowen Loftin, U of Houston & NASA/JSC (713) 483-8070
 * Intelligent Computer Environments
            Michele Izygon, NASA/JSC (713) 483-8110
 * Virtual Reality
            Lui Wang, NASA/JSC (713) 483-8074
 * Genetic Algorithms

 * Object Oriented Programming

 * Simulation & AI


General Chair:  Tony Sava, IBM
Associate General Chair:  Roberta Kirkham, Lockheed
Program Chair: Troy Henson, IBM
Technical Editor & SCS Representative:  Mary Lou Padgett, Auburn U.
Local Arrangements & Associate Technical Editor:  Ankur Hajare, MITRE
Exhibits Chair:  Wade Webster, Lockheed
NASA Representative:  Robert Savely, NASA/JSC
Juan Miro, ESA; Joe Mica, NASA/Goddard


                        WNN92/Houston:  Neural Networks

 * Advances / Applications / Architectures / Hybrid Systems
             Mary Lou Padgett, Auburn U (205) 821-2472/3488
 * Controls / Neurocontrols / Fuzzy-Neurocontrols
             Robert Shelton, NASA/JSC (713) 483-5901
 * Computer Vision/Coupled Oscillation
             Steve Anderson, KAFB (505) 256-7799
 * Electronics/VLSI INNS-SIG
             Ralph Castain, Los Alamos National Labs (505) 667-3283
 * Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
             Robert Shelton, NASA/JSC (713) 483-5901
 * Signal Processing and Analysis / Pattern Recognition
             Michael Hinman, Rome Labs (315) 330-3175
 * Sensor Fusion
             Robert Pap, Accurate Automation (615) 622 4642

                            NETS USERS GROUP MEETING
                     Robert Shelton NASA/JSC (713) 483-5901

WNN Program:
Mary Lou Padgett, Auburn U.; Robert Shelton, NASA/JSC
Walter J. Karplus, UCLA; Bart Kosko, USC; Paul Werbos, NSF


 June 15:                  Abstracts and/or Draft Papers for Review
 August 1 (firm):          Camera-Ready Full Papers

SUBMIT TO:                                                              30
Mary Lou Padgett, Auburn U., 1165 Owens Road, Auburn, AL 36830
(205) 821-2472/3488 Fax:(619) 277-3930


                                   SimTec 92

              1992 International Simulation Technology Conference
                         WNN92/Houston & FNN Symposium
                               November 4-7, 1992
                   South Shore Harbour / Johnson Space Center
                 Clear Lake, Texas (near Houston and Galveston)

If you wish to receive further information about SimTec, WNN and FNN,
please, return (preferably by email) the form printed below:







Please send more information on registration (  )  optional tours (  ).

I intend to submit a paper (  ), a tutorial (  ), an abstract only (  ).
I may give a demonstration (  ) or exhibit  (  ).

Return to:  Mary Lou Padgett, 1165 Owens Rd., Auburn, AL 36830.

                               LOCAL ATTRACTIONS

                        Sailing, Tennis, Swimming, Golf,
              Evening Dinner Cruise, Day Tour of Galveston Island,
                              Space Center Houston

                             EXHIBITOR INFORMATION

                                  Wade Webster
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Subject: E-S3

                       A component of E-S3
                John and Suzette McLeod, Editors
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           Based on the May 1992 issue of SIMULATION
                    the technical journal of the
                  Society for Computer Simulation


NOTE:  An updated calendar will be sent to you every month or so,
in which past events will be deleted, and new events added.  
Thus, there will be a good bit of repetition of listed events
that have not yet taken place.  But don't let that make you think
that an updated calendar is one you have seen before.  Better
check; something of interest might have been added!  John

May 1992

4-6        ICOOMS 92, International Conference on Object-Oriented
Manufacturing Systems.  Calgary, Canada. Co-sponsored by The
Society for Computer Simulation. Contact Douglas Norrie, Division of
 Manufacturing Engineering, University of Calgary, 2500 University
 Drive N.W., Calgary, T2N 1N4, Alberta, Canada.  Phone:
(403) 220-5787.  FAX: (403) 282-8406

Florida. Sponsored by Encore Users Groups. For more information
contact: Lynne Conners at (305) 797-5736.

June 1992

1-3        1992 European Simulation Multiconference. York, United
Kingdom. Sponsored by The Society for Computer Simulation
International. For more information contact: The Society for
Computer Simulation International, European Simulation Office, c/o
Philippe Geril, University of Ghent, Coupure Links 653, B-9000 Ghent,
Belgium. Phone/FAX: 0032.91.234941; email: S...@BIOMATH.RUG.AC.BE

1-5         1992 ACM SIGMETRICS and PERFORMANCE '92
International Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer
Systems. Newport, Rhode Island, USA. Sponsored by ACM
SIGMETRICS and IFIP WG7.3. For further information contact: Linda
Wright, Digital Equipment Corporation, 151 Taylor Street, Littleton,
MA 01460: (508) 952-4476.

1-5         FGCS '92: 4th International Conference on Fifth Generation
Computer Systems '92. Tokyo, Japan. Sponsored by the Institute for a
New Generation Computer Technology, in cooperation with ACM, the
Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group ART.
For further information contact: Hidehiko Tanaka, The University of
Tokyo, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, 7-3 Hongo 7-chome, Bunkyo-
ku, Tokyo 113; +81-3-3812-2111X6663;

5-7        Medicine Meets Virtual Reality. University of California,
San Diego, California. A forum for the exchange of ideas and
information pertinent to the development and application of virtual
reality and related technologies in the health sciences. For further
information contact: Medicine Meets VR, P. O. Box 23220, San Diego,
California 92193. Phone: (619) 541-1444; FAX (619) 541-1447.

10-12     8th Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry. Berlin,
Germany. Sponsored by ACM, the Association for Computing
Machinery, Special Interest Groups ACT and Graph. For further
information contact: Susanne Schottker, Frere Universitat Berlin
Fachbereich Mathematik Institute Fur Informatik, WE3 Standort
Arnimalee 2-6; 49 30 8383 771; email:

Conference cosponsored by SCSI and University of North Texas
Computer Education and Cognitive Systems. For further information
contact: NECC '92, University of North Texas, Box 5155, Dept. of
Computer Education and Cognitive Systems, Denton, Texas 76203.
Phone: (817) 565-3983; Fax (817) 565-2185.

July 1992

14-17    1992 International System Dynamics Conference. University
of Utrecht, The Netherlands. The conference will bring together
practitioners of system dynamics from business, government, and
academic organizations from around the world. For more information
contact Jerry Windhouwer, Utrecht University, Department of Social
Sciences, PO Box 80140, 3508 TC Utrecht, The Netherlands.

19-24    ICS '92: ACM SIGARCH International Conference on
Supercomputing. Hyatt Crystal City, Washington, DC. Sponsored by
ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest
Group ARCH. For further information contact: Ken Kennedy, CITI Rice
University, P.O. Box 1892, Houston, Texas 77251.
Phone: (713) 527-6009; e-mail:

Tver, USSR. Sponsored by the Math Science Institute, IEEE, EATCS,
and ASL, in cooperation with ACM, the Association for Computer
Machinery, Special Interest Group ACT. For further information
contact: MA Taitslyn, University of Tver, 33 Zhelyashova Street,
Tver 170012 USSR.

22-24    The First Joint European Conference on Information Systems.
London, UK. Sponsored by Operational Research and ACM, the
Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group BIT. For
further information contact: Elias Awad, University of Virginia
McIntire School of Commerce, Charlottesville, VA 22903.
Phone (804) 924-3423.

27-30    1992 Summer Computer Simulation Conference. Sparks,
(Reno) Nevada.  Sponsored by The Society for Computer Simulation.
Contact Brian O'Neill, SCSI, P.O. Box 17900, San Diego, CA 92177.
Phone: (619) 277-3888; FAX: (619) 277-3930.

27-31    42nd Annual Gordon Research Conference on Statistics in
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. New Hampton, New Hampshire.
Sponsored by Gordon Research Conferences. For more information,
contact: Dr. A. Cruickshank, Gordon Research Conferences, University
of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881. Phone: (401) 783-4011;
email: (bcp...@uriacc.bitnet).

August 1992

4-7        Pacific-Rim International Conference on Modelling,
Simulation and Identification. Vancouver, Canada. Sponsored by
IASTED and ISMM. For further information contact: MSI '92, P.O. Box
25, Stn. G, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3A 2G1. Phone (403) 288-1195;
Fax: (403) 247-6851l; e-mail: 75500,1264 Compuserve.

10-12    PODC '92: 11th Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of
Distributed Computing. Vancouver BC, Canada. Sponsored by ACM,
the Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Groups
ACT and OPS. For further information contact: Norm Hutchinson,
University of British Columbia, Dept. of Computer Science, 6356
Agriculture Road, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2. Phone : (604) 822-8188;

September 1992

23-25    Pacific Rim International Conference on AI. Seoul, Korea.
For information contact Ms. Hye-Duk Choi, Center for AI Res,
KAIST, 373-1, Kusong-Dong, Yusung-Ku, Taejon, 305-701, Korea.

29-10/1 EUROSIM 92: '92 Eurosim Simulation Congress. Capri, Italy.
Cooperation: ASIM, DBSS, FRANCOSIM, SIMS, UKSC. Sponsor: SCSI,
CASS, CSSC, CNR Italy. For more information contact: Mrs. A. Di Chiara,
Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", via della
Ricerca Scientifica, I-00173 Roma, Italy. Phone: +39 6 72594575;
Fax: +39 6 72594586; Telex: 622302 ROMCIV I

October 1992

              2nd Beijing International Conference on System Simulation
and Scientific Computing.  Beijing, China. Sponsored by The Chinese
Association for System Simulation. Contact Professor Chen, Zong Ji,
Dept. of Control Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and
Astronautics, Beijing 100083, P.R. China.

1-2        1992 IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems.
Dearborn, Michigan. Sponsored by IFAC and co-sponsored by SCSI,
ASME, IEEE, SME. Contact Naim Kheir, Oakland University, 134 Dodge
Hall, Rochester, MI 48309-4401.  Phone: (313) 370-2245.  
FAX: (313) 370-2286.

Hilton, Pensacola, Florida. Sponsored by The Society for Computer
Simulation International in cooperation with SPIE. $500 Student
Paper Award. Send abstracts now. Includes educational short
courses and technical sessions.  Contact Mary Lou Padgett, Auburn
University, 1165 Owens Rd., Auburn, AL 36830.
Phone: (205) 821-2472 or 3488. email:

October 1992

26-28    Simulation of Economical Systems. 1st Intercontinental
Symposium and Mathematical Modelling Workshop. Schliersee
(near Munich), Germany. For more information on paper submittal
and conference themes contact: Moshe R. Heller, Applied Simulation
Technology GmbH, Planegger Stra'e 47, Postfach 60 04 38, D-8000
Mnchen 60. Phone: 0 89/8 34 50 73; Fax: 0 89/8 34 75 75.

November 1992

4-6         SIMTEC '92: International Simulation Technology
Conference 1992.  South Shore Harbor/NASA Johnson Space Center,
near Houston, TX.  Advances in Computing and Simulation
Technology, Aerospace, Life and Physical Sciences, Intelligent
Systems, WNN92/Houston Sponsor: SCSI; Co-sponsor: NASA/JSC;
Participating: IEEE-NNC; Co-operating: SPIE and INNS. Paper contest!
Contact: Mary Lou Padgett, Auburn University, 1165 Owens Rd.,
Auburn, AL 36830. Phone: (205) 821-2472 or 3488. FAX: (205) 844-
1809. email:

4-6        WNN92/Houston, a Neural Networks conference held in
conjunction with SimTec '92. Sponsor: SCSI; Co-sponsor: NASA/JSC;
Participating: IEEE-NNC; Co-operating: SPIE and INNS. All neural
networks related papers welcome: Engineering Applications, Life
Sciences, Neuro-controls and Fuzzy/Neuro-controls, Signal Processing
and Analysis/Pattern Recognition, Electronics/VLSI, Architectures,
Computer Vision/Coupled Oscillation, Sensor Fusion, Performance
Measures. Users Group Meeting for NETS, a NASA/COSMIC neural
networks simulation package. NETS information: Dr. Robert Shelton
(713) 483-5901 (shel...@gothamcity.jsc. Contact: Mary
Lou Padgett, Auburn University, 1165 Owens Rd., Auburn, AL 36830.
Phone: (205) 821-2472 or 3488. FAX: (205) 844-1809.

6-8       1992 European Simulation Symposium. Dresden, Germany.
Sponsored by The Society for Computer Simulation International.
For more information contact: The Society for Computer Simulation
International, European Simulation Office, c/o Philippe Geril,
University of Ghent, Coupure Links 653. B-9000 Ghent, Belgium.
Phone/FAX: 0032.91.234941; email: S...@BIOMATH.RUG.AC.BE

18-19    Symposium on Computer Simulation in Industrial
Engineering and in Problems of Urban Development. Mexico City,
Mexico. Universidad Panamericana and The Society for Computer
Simulation International sponsor this symposium. For more
information contact: Ing. Jose Luis Gonzalez Acua, Symposium
Chairman, Dr. Stanislaw Raczynski, Program Chairman, Universidad
Panamericana, Augusto Rodin 498, 03910 Mexico City, Mexico.
Phone: 598 33 02; Fax: 563 85 43, Mexico City.
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