Modem Wars-why won't it run?

Modem Wars-why won't it run?

Post by Firebal » Sat, 03 Jan 1998 04:00:00

From Laner's C64 site I found a copy of Modem Wars(finally!),and
downloaded it,but was soon shocked to discover that it didn't run on
C64S.Actually,I wasn't shocked at all.If a game actually runs on C64S
I shout to God in thanks because it's such an incompatible emulator.So
then I tried it on CCS64.Nothing.On Vice-nothing.I was desperate
now,so I downloaded a shareware version of PC64.Still nothing.

Here is what happens.In Modem Wars,There is a master disk which you
use to create a game disk.So I created a new .D64 file and ran the
game disk maker program,and then ran that D64 file.It would access the
disk for about 10-20 seconds,then stop and freeze at the loading
screen.It does this on every single emulator.So I tried making a
second game disk and got the same result.I then loaded up the master
disk and tried the"Play a test game"option,with the same result.

Does anyone know why this happens?Is the D64 itself corrupt,or does it
simply not work with emulators because of less-than-perfect emulation?


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