Math Coprocessor Emulator or Floating Point Emulator..HELP!

Math Coprocessor Emulator or Floating Point Emulator..HELP!

Post by wpb9.. » Thu, 15 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I just recently got TrueSpace2, a 3D wireframe solid modelling program
for window's and i was unable to install the 3DR program due to lack of
a Floating Point...i need a good math coprocessor besides Q87..i've tried it
and for some reason it messes up windows95's loading...
it gives me an error about WDEBUG...i'm looking for a floating point emulator or
a math coprocessor emulator which gives you a floating point...
please help me...and in reply please don't post to the newsgroup but rather
reply straight to my addres..
Thanx a million

1. Floating-point math and powers/roots/logs/exponents on C64

How do I use the floating-point routines in the C64's ROMs, or do I have
to create my own?  Also, how do I perform squares, [cube] roots,
logarithms of a user-specified base and the normal bases (2, 10, e), and
exponents?  I need the latter in a step-by-step format I can use off the
computer and on both the C64 and PC.  Thanks.

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