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Borning's Constraint Simulation Language
Status of "comp.simulation" - in partial limbo
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Date: Tue, 5 Apr 88 22:17:59 EDT

Subject: Constraint Oriented Simulation
Status: R

Does anyone know of any work done along the lines of Alan Borning's
ThingLab?  I spent a couple hours in the library without coming up
with anything much.  Borning's thesis and IJCAI paper are about all
I have right now.  The work seemed really interesting so I find it
difficult to believe nobody followed up on it.

Any leads?

Lindsay Patten


Subject: comp.simulation
Status: R

The news group COMP.SIMULATION is up and running at *most* nodes. It
will be re-created at all USENET nodes in approx. another 20 days. The
reasons for this bizzare occurrence are fairly complicated and due
to USENET politics: after comp.simulation was initially created, someone
sent an "rmgroup" (remove news group) to remove it). You are now
probably asking yourself why someone did this, right? The answer lies
in the rules for formal news group creation - it is specified that
news groups must wait for the "polls to close" (=30 days) before trying
to get a news group formed; however, it is also specified that one can
form a news group from an existing mailing list as long as all current
subscribers agree (and that there are at least 100 subscribers). I (and
the net person who created comp.simulation for us) were operating under
the second principle. Unfortunately, another person did not agree
(insisting, apparently, that 30 days must elapse regardless of whether or
not you have an existing mailing list) and they took it upon themselves
to try to erase the list from existence. Wonderful, right?! Well..anyway
things are going well and we are on the road to success!!

If for some reason you are part of USENET and cannot get comp.simulation,
don't worry - it will come in approx. 20 days as I mentioned before. In the
mean time you will receive the digest as usual.

Despite this small problem, I would like to give a big plug for USENET. If
you don't get NET news via USENET, you might want to get your systems
analyst to try to get it. USENET is a collection of nodes that carry
a lot of NEWS GROUPS -- many of which you might be interested in. Once
you have installed the NEWS software, you will find it an excellent
way to browse through your own particular areas of special interest. You
may easily subscribe and unsubscribe to groups without sending messages
everywhere. Again, ask your analyst about USENET when you have some
free time.



Subject: unsubscribe if you get comp.simulation
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If you are currently able to read comp.simulation from USENET, please
send me a message so that I can unsubscribe you from the subscriber
list that I currently use. I will maintain this subscriber list for
individuals who cannot get access to USENET. Everything posted to
USENET will get sent to these individuals. This will help to keep my
subscriber list small, and will help you from getting duplicate copies
of everything if you are on USENET. Thanks very much.

-paul fishwick



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Constraint Languages
Simulation at RAND


Subject: Borning's constraint languages

The book ``Constraint programming languages'' by Wm. Leler (Addison Wesley,
1988) contains a great deal about constraint languages and their

He has an extensive bibliography, including references to a number of
papers by Borning.

You might also try the Science Citation Index (I think that's what it is
called).  The SCI is a wonderful tool for ``finding out more about something
you find described in a paper''.  It is a reverse bibliography -- that is,
you look up ``Thinglab'', by Alan Borning, and it shows you all the papers
that have CITED it in THEIR bibliographies.  

A great way to start exploring a field.  Not a bad way to find out about
new fields and surprising new connections among different fields.


Newsgroups: comp.simulation
Subject: Object Oriented Simulations
Keywords: Object-oriented, ROSS

Date: 6 Apr 88 14:47:49 GMT

Organization: Rand Corp., Santa Monica

It's nice to see a news group appear that's dedicated to simulation.

RAND is developing lisp- and prolog-based object oriented simulation
languages (ROSS, ERNIE, and random other stuff) for mainframes, work
stations, and PCs.  We are also formulating models (tactical combat
models, logistics models, etc.) using these tools.

Be nice to know who else is listening into this news group, what
kinds of tools they're using, and what sort of modeling they're doing.
I would be interested in swapping the usual stories about the speed
and capacity of modeling languages, modeling tricks, etc.
  "Simulate it in ROSS"
  Brian Leverich                       | U.S. Snail: 1700 Main St.

  UUCP/usenet: decvax!randvax!leverich | Ma Bell:    (213) 393-0411 X7769


1. *** JOB *** Modeling/simulation/analysis position available in D.C. area.


Pioneer Decision Technologies provides modeling, simulation and
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a focus on decision support.

Opportunities are available in the Washington DC area for junior and
senior individuals with strong quantitative and implementation skills
including simulation design and development, computer-based experimental
design and management, problem solving and analysis.  We want people
with strong modeling, programming, and analytic skills along with
excellent verbal/written communication skills.

The ideal senior candidate will have an aptitude for quantitative
problem solving and will have at least 5 years of experience in C (or
C++) programming, UNIX scripting, and MS Windows application
development.  Education to the Masters degree level desired (although
equivalent experience may be substituted), ideally in a technical or
scientific field.  U.S. citizenship required.  Military service,
experience in modeling and simulation, web-based application development
and exposure to entrepreneurial situations a definite plus.

Junior candidates to whom the above description appeals are encouraged
to apply - what matters to us is capability and attitude, not

Pioneer Decision provides excellent benefits, competitive salaries,
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