SC/MP NIBL Emulator

SC/MP NIBL Emulator

Post by Sipke de Wa » Mon, 20 Aug 2001 23:29:59

Hi Folk,

Henry Mason coded an emulator for the SC/MP NIBL system
This was a SC/MP based development system that National Semiconductor
made back in the seventies. It includes the NIBL ROM so you can program
it in very itsypitsy tiny BASIC. I'll be on the lookout for more info on
this system.
If any of you know more about this system: mail me via the "about me"
of my site

SC/MP NIBL & Elektor emulators are aviable for downloading
at my SC/MP page.

Drill down to:
==> Vintage Computers ==> SC/MP Elektor Emulator


Sipke de Wal


1. SC/MP Elektor Emulator aviable

Hi Folks,

Come and see/get the SC/MP emulator of the first ever Elektor
microprocessor DIY design from 1977

Some of you may have even build this one themselves 24 years ago

I wrote an emulator for it. It's aviable at the next site with some
background info as well


Sipke de Wal

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