ePSXe under Linux & Pete plugins

ePSXe under Linux & Pete plugins

Post by Colossu » Tue, 05 Aug 2003 17:28:26


I have a NVIDIA TNT2 with Nvidia Linux Drivers and 192 MB ram.
The psx game "Cold *" runs smoothly and perfect except
that near the sprites there is a small rectangle of graphic flipped.

I have played with all the settings of the plugin but the flipped rectangle
still appears and only near the sprites (ie the soldiers and kostov at the
very beginning of the game). Do anyone experience that ?

Thank you,


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I just made ISO's of Final Fantasy VII for two days ago. Then I played. I
was happy
I played every Final Fantasy except for VII and X, so now I was happy.
I went with Cloud and Sephiroth into a Mako reactor, and wasn't happy
Because instead of fade-ing the screen out and fade-ing a new one in, it
just faded out.
All I have now is a black screen, with background music. Can anyone tell me
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