Infernal Runner found!!!

Infernal Runner found!!!

Post by vdeter.. » Sat, 16 Nov 1996 04:00:00

To the person who searches for this game. I lost your request in this
The game you are searching for is INFERNAL RUNNER!
This is a really *y one - nice deaths!
Mail me if you want a .t64-file.



1. !!!!!! Infernal Runner !!!!!!

Hello to anybody searching for this cool game.

Recently someone posted in this group who was searching for this game. I
found it (and sent him a wrong copy :-< ). And there were many other
requests. Then my f***** windows 95 and damned AOL-software f**** up and I
lost all email-adresses.

When you want to download the game: I just uploaded it to

Have fun dying!


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