posting to comp.simulation....

posting to comp.simulation....

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                     Call for Participation

           Work in Progress Session at the 10th Workshop
           on Parallel and Distributed Simulation (PADS '96)

                May 23, 1996; Philadelphia, PA

              PADS '96 is being held as part of the
      1996 Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC-96)

 A session on "work in progress" will be held May 23 as part of the PADS
 '96 workshop.  The organizers welcome presentations of ongoing work in
 short 5-10 minute presentations (length dependent on number of
 participants).  This note is an open invitation to individuals interested
 in reporting current work related to parallel and distributed simulation.
 While the invitation remains open up to the day of the session, we request
 notification of your desire to make a presentation.  Interested parties
 are requested to send a title and brief abstract (preferably via email) of
 the work to be presented to the session organizer:

         Philip A. Wilsey
         Computer Architecture Design Lab
         Dept of ECECS, PO Box 210030
         Cincinnati, OH  45221-0030

 We will attempt to accommodate all requests for presentations.

 Thank you.

 Online Information: Up-to-date information about PADS '96 can be obtained
 from the following URL:

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I would like to generate two data series for a simulation with a known
correlation. I.e. a normally distributed variable such as weight and a
 second variable such as length which correlates with weight 0.4 Does
anybody know a program routine to calculate y = f(x)  ; x correlating
with y with a given factor.
Thanks for your help.
Ciao Armin

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