Playstation, just file veiwer?

Playstation, just file veiwer?

Post by Cory Bloy » Tue, 21 Jan 1997 04:00:00

> > I just discovered that I could read playstation cd's on my PC today. So I
> > decided to dig through the files and see what I could discover. The only game I
> > have is Tekken 2. As you said it is one big data file. It looks like a concept
> > similar to wad files in doom. If you search through the executable file, you
> > will see references to file names that end with .tim .tia .ovl .dat .roc .arc
> >  .vh and .vb. I have not figured out how the filenames relate to the data file
> > though. I did not look like there were offsets after the filenames. Anyway, I
> > gave up and decided to do a search on deja news to see if anyone else was trying
> > to hack these file, and I found your post. Do you have any idea what type of
> > files have these extensions?

>         There is a program called wotizpsx.exe which can identify (or at least
> give a good guess at) several common PSX formats. It can be found along with
> a few basic image converters at:
> It's not much, but we're just getting started.
>         I also have TK2 and would be happy as hell to be able to tear that one
> huge file apart, so please send any and all information you find this
> way.

Quick follow-up: I finally found a suitable hex editor and located the
file references Jim mentioned, listed below.  Now if we could figure out
the offset/length of the files we would be well on our way.
BTW, has anyone else had trouble reading the 570 meg file?  My editors
stream input and can read the last few (very boring) megs.  But the
farther up I go, the more trouble my drive has.  I've tried two machines
with different hardware, but both go wierd precisely the same way.

Here's a listing of some of the files buried within the TK2 .xas file:

 "$!#../bud/ura/null.arc ../bud/omote/kzb1.arc   ../bud/ura/rog2.arc
 ../bud/omote/rog1.arc   ../bud/ura/kor2.arc ../bud/omote/kor1.arc
 ../bud/ura/aha2.arc ../bud/omote/aha1.arc   ../bud/ura/jun2.arc
 ../bud/omote/jun1.arc   ../bud/ura/rei2.arc ../bud/omote/rei1.arc
 ../bud/ura/dev2.arc ../bud/omote/dev1.arc   ../bud/ura/kun2.arc
 ../bud/omote/kun1.arc   ../bud/ura/kum2.arc ../bud/omote/kum1.arc
 ../bud/ura/gan2.arc ../bud/omote/gan1.arc   ../bud/ura/ann2.arc
 ../bud/omote/ann1.arc   ../bud/ura/arm2.arc ../bud/omote/arm1.arc
 ../bud/ura/pja2.arc ../bud/omote/pja1.arc   ../bud/ura/lee2.arc
 ../bud/omote/lee1.arc   ../bud/ura/hei2.arc ../bud/omote/hei1.arc
 ../bud/ura/wan2.arc ../bud/omote/wan1.arc   ../bud/ura/cha2.arc
 ../bud/omote/cha1.arc   ../bud/ura/yos2.arc ../bud/omote/yos1.arc
 ../bud/ura/kin2.arc ../bud/omote/kin1.arc   ../bud/ura/nin2.arc
 ../bud/omote/nin1.arc   ../bud/ura/jac2.arc ../bud/omote/jac1.arc
 ../bud/ura/law2.arc ../bud/omote/law1.arc   ../bud/ura/pau2.arc
 ../bud/omote/pau1.arc   ../bud/ura/kaz2.arc ../bud/omote/kaz1.arc
 ../bud/ura/null.tim ../bud/omote/kzb1.tim   ../bud/ura/rog2.tim
 ../bud/omote/rog1.tim   ../bud/ura/kor2.tim ../bud/omote/kor1.tim
 ../bud/ura/aha2.tim ../bud/omote/aha1.tim   ../bud/ura/jun2.tim
 ../bud/omote/jun1.tim   ../bud/ura/rei2.tim ../bud/omote/rei1.tim
 ../bud/ura/dev2.tim ../bud/omote/dev1.tim   ../bud/ura/kun2.tim
 ../bud/omote/kun1.tim   ../bud/ura/kum2.tim ../bud/omote/kum1.tim
 ../bud/ura/gan2.tim ../bud/omote/gan1.tim   ../bud/ura/ann2.tim
 ../bud/omote/ann1.tim   ../bud/ura/arm2.tim ../bud/omote/arm1.tim
 ../bud/ura/pja2.tim ../bud/omote/pja1.tim   ../bud/ura/lee2.tim
 ../bud/omote/lee1.tim   ../bud/ura/hei2.tim ../bud/omote/hei1.tim
 ../bud/ura/wan2.tim ../bud/omote/wan1.tim   ../bud/ura/cha2.tim
 ../bud/omote/cha1.tim   ../bud/ura/yos2.tim ../bud/omote/yos1.tim
 ../bud/ura/kin2.tim ../bud/omote/kin1.tim   ../bud/ura/nin2.tim
 ../bud/omote/nin1.tim   ../bud/ura/jac2.tim ../bud/omote/jac1.tim
 ../bud/ura/law2.tim ../bud/omote/law1.tim   ../bud/ura/pau2.tim
 ../bud/omote/pau1.tim   ../bud/ura/kaz2.tim ../bud/omote/kaz1.tim
 ../snddat/cd/sysvoic_.vb ../snddat/cd/sysvoic_.vh
 ../snddat/cd/common_.vh ../snddat/cd/end_.vb    ../snddat/cd/end_.vh
 ../snddat/vb/angel_.vb  ../snddat/vh/angel_.vh  ../snddat/vb/alex_.vb
 ../snddat/vh/alex_.vh   ../snddat/vb/roger_.vb  ../snddat/vh/roger_.vh
 ../snddat/vb/baek_.vb   ../snddat/vh/baek_.vh   ../snddat/vb/bruce_.vb
 ../snddat/vh/bruce_.vh  ../snddat/vb/jun_.vb    ../snddat/vh/jun_.vh
 ../snddat/vb/lei_.vb    ../snddat/vh/lei_.vh    ../snddat/vb/devil_.vb
 ../snddat/vh/devil_.vh  ../snddat/vb/kuninja_.vb
 ../snddat/vb/kuma_.vb   ../snddat/vh/kuma_.vh   ../snddat/vb/sumo_.vb
 ../snddat/vh/sumo_.vh   ../snddat/vb/anna_.vb   ../snddat/vh/anna_.vh
 ../snddat/vb/pjack_.vb  ../snddat/vh/pjack_.vh  ../snddat/vb/lee_.vb
 ../snddat/vh/lee_.vh    ../snddat/vb/papa_.vb   ../snddat/vh/papa_.vh
 ../snddat/vb/wang_.vb   ../snddat/vh/wang_.vh   ../snddat/vb/chan_.vb
 ../snddat/vh/chan_.vh   ../snddat/vb/ninja_.vb  ../snddat/vh/ninja_.vh
 ../snddat/vb/king_.vb   ../snddat/vh/king_.vh   ../snddat/vb/nina_.vb
 ../snddat/vh/nina_.vh   ../snddat/vb/jack2_.vb  ../snddat/vh/jack2_.vh
 ../snddat/vb/dragon_.vb ../snddat/vh/dragon_.vh ../snddat/vb/paul_.vb
 ../snddat/vh/paul_.vh   ../snddat/vb/kazuya_.vb ../snddat/vh/kazuya_.vh
 ../mot/mot22    ../mot/mot21    ../mot/mot20    ../mot/mot19
 ../mot/mot17.arc    ../mot/mot16    ../mot/mot15    ../mot/mot14
 ../mot/mot13    ../mot/mot12    ../mot/mot11    ../mot/mot10
 ../mot/mot08    ../mot/mot07    ../mot/mot06    ../mot/mot05
 ../mot/mot03    ../mot/mot02    ../mot/mot01    ../mot/mot00
 ../bg/Boss1.tim ../bg/Nanda.tim ../bg/Gaga_.tim ../bg/Bigbe.tim
 ../bg/Tajma.tim ../bg/Kyoto.tim ../bg/Sogen.tim ../bg/Nasa_.tim
 ../bg/Akrop.tim ../bg/Denmk.tim ../bg/Banri.tim ../bg/Yakou.tim
 ../bg/Siten.tim ../bg/Neoho.tim ../bg/Sentl.tim ../bg/Newyo.tim
 ../bg/Machu.tim ../bg/Graca.tim ../bg/Boss2.dat ../bg/Boss1.dat
 ../bg/Gaga_.dat ../bg/Bigbe.dat ../bg/Iland.dat ../bg/Tajma.dat
 ../bg/Sogen.dat ../bg/Nasa_.dat ../bg/Arche.dat ../bg/Akrop.dat
 ../bg/Banri.dat ../bg/Yakou.dat ../bg/Muirw.dat ../bg/Siten.dat
 ../bg/Sentl.dat ../bg/Newyo.dat ../bg/Eurov.dat ../bg/Machu.dat
 ../jin/champ_i.tia  ../jin/champ_h.tia  ../jin/champ_g.tia
 ../jin/champ_e.tia  ../jin/champ_d.tia  ../jin/champ_c.tia
 ../jin/champ_a.tia  ../jin/devil.tia    ../jin/kazuya.tia
 ../jin/title2.tia   ../jin/title.tia    result.ovl  ending.ovl
 title.ovl   ranking.ovl ../hr/efct/rpika12.tiz  ../hr/efct/peku.tiz
 ../hr/efct/kaiten2a.tiz ../hr/efct/hikari1a.tiz ../hr/efct/rei.tiz
 ../hr/efct/green2.tiz   ../hr/efct/ef02.tiz ../hr/efct/tume3.tiz
 ../hr/efct/kief.tiz ../hr/efct/anna60hv.tiz ../hr/efct/honoo2.tiz
 ../hr/efct/houden34.tiz ../hr/efct/maru.tiz ../hr/efct/hikari4b.tiz
 ../hr/efct/hika32.tiz   ../hr/efct/rkami4.tiz   ../hr/efct/rkami5.tiz
 ../hr/efct/cent.tiz ../hr/efct/dref.tiz ../hr/efct/koro35.tiz
 ../hr/efct/disc.tiz ../mot/mthdrotc.rot ../himodt/himodt.arc  
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