New version of Flexemu released

New version of Flexemu released

Post by W. Schwotz » Mon, 18 Aug 2003 20:08:58

There is a new version V2.10 of Flexemu available.

Flexemu is a Classic Computer emulation based on the
Motorola MC6809 Processor. Together with other emulated
I/O components the complete Eurocom II/V7 running FLEX OS
can be used on a Linux or Windows PC.

Flexemu was developed under Gnu general public license (GPL)
and can be downloaded (source and Windows binaries) for free.

This verion contains lot's of improvements like:

- Enhanced emulation performance
- MC6809 emulation running in a separate thread
- Running MC6809 with original or max. possible frequency
- Configurable CPU instruction logging
- 0% host CPU load when MC6809 stopped
- < 5% host CPU load when MC6809 running with original frequency

The homepage is:



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Yves Lempereur

Yves Lempereur                     Malibu, CA, USA


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