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Volume: 8, Issue: 10, Fri May 19 16:09:08 EDT 1989


(1) Automobile Mechanics Info. Needed
(2) Workshop: Prototyping Tools and Techniques
(3) Performance of PC Network Systems
(4) 1989 Winter Simulation Conference

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Subject: Info wanted on Driving Simulation
Date: 12 May 89 19:57:45 PDT (Fri)

...I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time, but I'm interested in finding out about
the mechanics of an automobile in motion.  comp.simulation may not be the right
place, but I can't find anything better.  The type of information I'd need is
basic Newtonian mechanics, in order to simulate traction loss, handling, and
perhaps even rolling the vehicle--preferably in realtime, hopefully with just
integer arithmetic.  That may be a tall order, but can you offer any
suggestions?  Perhaps new paths to start looking down?  Memories of an old
article in some forgotten magazine?

Thanks for your time and trouble.

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Date: Tue, 16 May 89 15:04 EDT
Path: mtuxo!jsa

Newsgroups: comp.cog-eng,comp.sys.mac.hypercard,news.announce.conferences,nj.general,comp.simulation
Subject: Prototyping Workshop
Keywords: June 9th
Date: 16 May 89 19:04:33 GMT
Organization: AT&T, Middletown NJ

                     Announcing a One-Day Workshop on
              User Centered Design of Communication Systems:
                     Prototyping Tools and Techniques

                          Friday, June 9th, 1989

       The Communications Technical Group of the Human Factors
       Society is sponsoring a one-day workshop on the use of PC-
       based rapid prototyping tools.  A number of low-cost, PC-
       based prototyping tools have been introduced in the past few
       years.  They provide an alternative to the two traditional
       methods of user interface design--paper specifications and
       physical model building.  

       The workshop will be held on June 9th, 1989, at AT&T Bell
       Laboratories, Crawford Corners Road, Holmdel, New Jersey.

       Thomas Tullis, Director of the User Interface Research Group
       at Ashton-Tate, will present an overview of the tools
       available.  Following this overview, several case studies
       and demonstrations will be presented by human factors
       engineers at AT&T, Bellcore, BNR, IBM, and SIAC.      The
       workshop will conclude with a round-table discussion by a
       panel of experts in the area of user interface prototyping.

       Advanced registration is required and seating in limited.
       For more information, please call Joel Angiolillo (201-576-


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Newsgroups: comp.simulation,,comp.misc
Subject: PC User Emulation
Keywords: User Emulation, Performance Analysis, Benchmarks
Date: 16 May 89 14:49:32 GMT
Organization: Philips Telecommunication and Data Systems, The Netherlands

We'd like to measure performance of PC network systems.
To that end we prefer to emulate a number of PC users, rather
than having an army of typists who repeatedly type in the same input
sequences, thus avoiding human annoyance and enhancing reproducibility.

I know of such a tool for emulation of users at serial terminals,
namely the PreVue system. PreVue is able to watch user input and
system responses. It can replay the user input later, checking system
responses and measuring response times.

For PCs, interception of user input and system responses is not so
simple. But maybe there are PC user emulation tools around with a
functionality similar to PreVue?

If you know the existence of such a tool, please let me know.


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Date: Wed, 17 May 89 16:36 EDT

Subject: please post

               Conference Announcement - For Immediate Release

                      1989 WINTER SIMULATION CONFERENCE

The 1989 Winter Simulation Conference will be held on December 4 - 6, 1989 at
the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. The conference will feature
tutorials, papers on applications and methodology, panel discussions,
state-of-the-art reviews, software tutorials and demonstrations, and vendor
exhibits of simulation products.

Discrete-event simulation, which is the focus of the conference, is used to
model manufacturing, transportation, distribution, computer, communication,
military, health care, and many other types of systems.  WSC typically includes
papers in all of these areas, with special emphasis on manufacturing systems.
Papers on methodology present current research in modeling, design, analysis,
and execution of simulation experiments.

A special feature of WSC is an extensive schedule of tutorials on simulation
methodology and software presented by leading researchers and software
developers.  There are tutorials targeted for audiences with no previous
background in simulation, for simulation users who want to increase their
knowledge of simulation, and for researchers who want to learn about advanced
and emerging topics.  The software tutorials are backed up by an extensive
vendor exhibits area for demonstrations and further discussion.

For additional information contact General Chair Kenneth J. Musselman, Pritsker
Corporation, 1305 Cumberland Avenue, P.O. Box 2415, West Lafayette, IN 47906,
(317) 463-5557.  For registration information contact Registration Chair
William R. Lilegdon at the same address and phone number.