Call for Papers: Special Issue on Advances in Parallel and Distributed Simulation

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Advances in Parallel and Distributed Simulation

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Call for Papers:




    Parallel and Distributed Computing Practices (PDCP)
         (journal published by Nova Science Books)

Over the last decade, the techniques developed in parallel and distributed
simulation have allowed us to simulate systems of an unprecedented scale.
The ability to simulate computer networks with in excess of 100,000
switches on a detailed level and to simulate chips with 200,000 gates is
now within our reach. Distributed interactive simulation with
geographically dispersed simulation nodes is another important beneficiary
of this research.

The availability of low cost parallel platforms such as clusters of
workstations and the development of object oriented languages for parallel
simulation are now making it possible to use these techniques in real
application environments.

Consequently, we are soliciting papers on the simulation of large systems.
Possible topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

- Computer network simulation, including the simulation of mobile systems
and PCS networks

- VLSI systems. Simulation at any level of the VLSI hierarchy (eg. gate,
behavioral, etc.)

- Computer architecture simulation, including the simulation of parallel
machine architectures

- Distributed interactive simulation, including real-time applications and
interactive simulation in entertainment

- Manufacturing applications

- Important algorithmic developments which have a direct bearing on the
parallel/distributed simulation of large systems.

Please submit full papers, not previously published or submitted for
publication elsewhere by e-mail to the guest editor (address below).
Include a cover page with the title, abstract, names as well as e-mail and
physical addresses of the authors as well. Please submit postscript files,
preferably viewable by ghostview.


Paper due                December 15th, 1999

Notification of acceptance      May 15, 1999

Final version for the paper due  September 1st, 2000

(formatted according to the journal specification --> see the journal WWW


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