Call for Papers for Referenced SCS Journal

Call for Papers for Referenced SCS Journal

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We are looking for academically sound papers on the issues of military
Modeling & Simulation (M&S) and Command and Control (C2)
interoperability.  For details, please go to the Website of the
Society of Modeling and Simulation (SCS) at

Hope to hear from you,
Andreas Tolk


1. SCS Western Multi-Conference Call for Papers

      Communication Networks Modeling and Simulation Conference
      Society for Computer Simulation Western Multi-conference
                         January 14-17, 1996
            Hyatt-Regency Hotel, La Jolla, California

The purpose of this conference is to showcase techniques used for
modeling and analyzing the performance, stability, survivability
and cost effectiveness of existing and emerging computer networking

Networking technologies that are of interest include: polling
systems, multi-access broadcast systems, FDDI, DQDB, ATM, high
speed networks, gigabit networks, wireless networks, mutimedia
networks, real-time video networks, metropolitan area networks,
LAN/MAN/WAN integration, internetworking, bridges or routers, and
other technologies.

Interested authors are encouraged to submit their original
contributions for possible presentation and publication in the
Conference Proceedings.  Three copies of full papers should be sent

Each paper should be accompanied by a cover letter that identifies
the name and address for the contact for the paper.  E.mail
addresses should be used where possible to facilitate

A PostScript version of the paper is acceptable and should be

submissions may be compressed and encoded, however, the e.mail
message cover letter should include the commands that were used to
compress and encode your PostScript paper.

Important Dates:

*  Jun. 30, 1995 -- Deadline for Submission of Complete Papers
*  Aug. 15, 1995 -- Authors Notified
*  Sep. 15, 1995 -- Final Papers due

For a more detailed CFP, contact Prof. Jerry Place or point your
Web browser to ""

Jerry Place
Computer Science Telecommunications Program
U. of Missouri - Kansas City
5100 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO  64116

Phone:    (816) 235-2359

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