IJCS Special Issue

IJCS Special Issue

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                       is announcing

                       A SPECIAL ISSUE

                    scheduled for 1997 on



Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is widely considered to be the new solution
for B-ISDN networks supproting integrated services in metropolitan area
public networks as well as local and wide area private networks. Over the past
years there has been made a great deal of progress in theory and practice of
ATM technology. There, however, are still many important problems to be
resolved such as traffic modeling and characterization, congestion control,
routing and optimization, ATM switching technologies and provision of specific
quality of service.

This special issue will be devoted to the recent advances in research and
development of ATM technology with a focus on performance modeling and
simulation of ATM networks.

Specific topics for the issue can include, but are not limited to:

- Traffic models and characterization
- Traffic and congestion control
- Routing
- Adaptive layer
- Models of ATM switch
- Performance modeling studies
- Bandwidth and admission control
- Quality of service
- ATM switch architecture
- Network management


Prospective authors are invited to submit five copies of a complete
manuscript on high quality research contributions in 15 to 20 pages of
double space by Jan 15, 1996 to the guest editor:

Porf. Tag Gon Kim, Guest Editor
Department of Electrical Engineering
373-1 Kusong-dong, Yusong-gu
Taejon 305-701, KOREA

Phone: 82-42-869-3454
FAX  : 82-42-869-3410

PUBLISHER:  Alex Publishing Co
            355 Chestnut Street
            Norwood, NJ 07648
            (201) 767-8450


1. IJCS Special issue

*************DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JANUARY 31, 1997 ***************

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                  CALL FOR PAPERS

                 Special Issue of



        Modeling and Simulation of Routing
          Protocols in Computer Networks

Due to fundamental physical limitations on processing speeds
of sequential computers, the future-generation high performance
computing environment will eventually rely entirely on exploiting
the inherent parallelism in problems and implementing their
solutions on parallel machines. Networks and their performance
become an integral part of high performance computing in
general. Although most of the real life parallel machines use
either mesh or hypercube connections, in the recent years a
number of other networks have been proposed that seem to be
attractive alternatives. On the other hand, although  most of the
machines use circuit switching to route messages, recent
advancement in routing protocols (wormhole routing, deflection,
randomized and hybrid etc) need be properly investigated and
studied to make the right choice for a network. Simulation is the
way to study various aspects of all these different protocols when
implemented on different networks -- congestion, fault
tolerance, latency, communication bandwidth to name a very few.
The purpose of this special issue is to focus on the design,
simulation and analysis of all aspects of all kinds of routing
protocols to be used in network architectures.

Papers should emphasize new original contributions of either
theoretical or experimental nature. Papers must be
written in IJCS style.  Please submit five copies of your
manuscript to  the guest editor by January 31, 1997: Pradip
K. Srimani, Department of Computer Science, Colorado State
University, Ft. Collins, CO 80523, Tel: (970) 491-7097,

Instructions for submitting papers: Papers should
not exceed 30 double spaced pages including figures, tables
etc.  Papers should not have been previously published,
nor currently submitted elsewhere for publication. Papers
should include a title page containing
title, authors' names and affiliations, postal and email
addresses, telephone numbers and Fax numbers. Papers should
include a 300-word abstract. [Note: If you are willing
to review papers for this special issue, please send a note
with research interest to the guest editor.]

Publishers: Ablex Publishing Corporation, 355 Chestnut
            Street, Norwood, New Jersey 07648.

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