dynamic simulation with hysys

dynamic simulation with hysys

Post by Rahel » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 18:45:42

Hi All,
I am a MS student in chemical engineering,I have a project with
I have some problems in dynamic mode of hysys. when I run a column
in dynamic mode, some flow rates become negetive .even the flow rate of some
input streams become negative.
Please help me how I can solve my problem.

1. IGCC Dynamic Simulation

Fluor Daniel Applied Computer Solutions offers dynamic simulation
services.   We have added a recent paper on IGCC (Integrated
Gasification Combined Cycle) dynamic simulation to our web page:


Other Fluor Daniel dynamic simulation applications include:

* Fractionation Column Relief Load Reduction
* Fractionation Column Control Analysis
* Hydroprocessing Unit Depressuring
* Steam Production and Distribution Systems
* Heat Exchanger Tube Rupture
* Low Temperature Metallurgy Selection
* Compressor Surge Control
* First of a Kind Plants.

To find out more, please visit our web site:


Cal Depew
Fluor Daniel Applied Computer Solutions

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