comp.simulation Posting Guidelines

comp.simulation Posting Guidelines

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comp.simulation Posting Guidelines


Author: Igor Kaludjer
$Date: 2003/05/28 22:51:00 $
$Revision: 1.00 $

About comp.simulation
The comp.simulation group is about generic issues in simulation modelling
and analysis. That includes the following: simulation methods, simulation
tools and software, simulation practice, simulation case studies and
anything else on simulation subject.
This group is not about simulation topics covered in other simulation news
groups such as:, rec.aviation.simulatiors or

History of comp.simulation
comp.simulation goes way back. It was founded in 1987 by prof. Paul
Fishwick. It was active until early 2000 when it went idle due to a
misunderstanding. In May,2003 it was passed to the current moderator.

How to submit a post
At a correctly configured site you should simply be able to post to
comp.simulation and everything will be managed for you behind the scenes.
If you find this does not work for you, you can submit directly to the

Please try the newsgroup first, and be sure to bring any problems to the
attention of your local news administrator so that they can be dealt with.

Moderation policy
comp.simulation is both hand moderated and robomoderated. Following rules
1. Postings must be in plain text.
2. Binary postings will not be accepted.
3. Recommended line length is 80 characters, but anything up to 160 will be
4. Excessive quoting and large sigs are also not allowed. Any post with
more than 70% quoted material or a sig in excess of 512 bytes will be
5. Crossposting is allowed to a maximum of 3 groups with followups in 2

All posts (with a working return address) will either be returned with a
rejection notice, or posted to the newsgroup and mailing list. One
exception is that rejection notices for the same error are suppressed for a
few minutes after the first one is sent to reduce the danger of the
robomoderator being used as a mailbombing agent.

Posting with a non-replyable address is strongly discouraged. If you feel
you must post with such an address, please make sure you are not using one
in a valid mail domain; appending .invalid to the address is the
recommended way to ensure this.

How to register for auto-approval


Usually the moderator will give you an auto-approval status after you had a
posting approved so you don't have to register.
The robomoderation software (robomod) enforces various anti-spam and text
formatting requirements. Note that in order to receive rejection notices or
other information from robomod it must have a valid email address for you.
More information on the registration process, including how to use munged
addreses, can be found at: or
you can post to the newsgroup or mailing list with the following text in
the subject (without the quotes): "send file: register.txt".

The moderator may at his discretion register addresses for auto-approval,
or revert them to hand moderated status.

Mailing list
All postings to comp.simulation are also distributed to the mailing list

regular and digest format. For subscription information,  visit the list
webpage at

Likewise, all postings to the mailing list are also distributed to the
newsgroup, so subscribers can use whichever of the newsgroup, list, or
digest formats is most comfortable.