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(1) Parallel Simulation
(2) Simulation of Information Systems
(3) AI and Simulation Workshop
(4) Call for Papers: Object-Oriented Simulation
(5) Computer Simulation of Organic & Biomolec. Systems
(6) Needed: Code to Simulate LAN's

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Date: Mon, 1 May 89 18:48:52 CDT
From: (Jim Hughes x1676)
Newsgroups: comp.simulation
In-Reply-To: <20190@uflorida.cis.ufl.EDU>
Organization: Network Systems Corporation

Regarding parallel simulation.

This a general comment which may be interesting to some of the

My experience has shown that single point simulations are not very
interesting, that is:  Analysis of any model requires a complete
simulation set be created where one (or more) parameters are varied,
and the interactions of these parameters studied.

In addition, when significant changes to the model is made, another
complete set should be created to ensure no "anomalies" are created.

So, what does this have to do with parallel simulations?

A simulations set can be created in parallel on any number of
processors as long as each processor is working on a different data
point. (and, obviously the number of points is >= the number of

I do this using a loosely coupled (via Ethernet) set of workstations.
By using standard Unix and Unix utilities, I can start any number of
processors creating data points.  Each processor returns the results to
a central fileserver, and then interrogates the server to determine
which point should be made next.

This scheme is effective for any simulation except one which is to big
(or slow) for a single processor to do on its own.

I would expect that this could be used when a site has a large number
of workstations (i.e. Sun), or when they have a single large
multiheaded mainframe (i.e. Cray YMP).

Jim Hughes,
or ...!{rutgers!dayton | amdahl!ems | uunet!rosevax}!umn-cs!ns!hughes


Organisation: University of Technology, Delft  The Netherlands.
To: comp-simulation@hp4nl
Path: dutrun!winfave
From: dutrun!winf...@uunet.UU.NET (Alexander Verbraeck)
Newsgroups: comp.simulation
Subject: Information exchange on dynamic modelling and simulation
Keywords: Simulation, modelling, information systems
Date: 2 May 89 16:57:56 GMT
Organization: Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Subject:  Research using modelling and simulation environments
From:     Folkert Wierda & Alexander Verbraeck
          Delft University of Technology
          Department of Information Systems
          P.O. Box 356, 2600 AJ  Delft, The Netherlands
          E-mail: winf...@hdetud1.bitnet or winf...@dutrun.UUCP

This is a request for mutual information exchange on the subject

At our Department 10 PhD students are working on dynamic modelling
of information systems, and on the development of tools, methods
and techniques to support dynamic modelling. We use simulation as
an aid for conceptualizing, modelling and evaluating information
systems and their impact on the organizational systems they intend
to influence.

We would like to get in touch with researchers who are working in
the same area, for exchanging information, publications and
software in this field.

Please let us know if:

1.    You are working in the field of dynamic modelling and
      simulation of information systems, and are interested in
      exchanging information on the subject;

2.    You know of researchers at your Institute who are working in
      the field of dynamic modelling and simulation of information
      systems, and might be interested in exchanging information on
      the subject;

3.    You, or your research group, have developed software for
      discrete event simulation, dynamic modelling or animation,
      that can be made available for our research.

Please reply by e-mail. We will make a compilation of the replies
and post them in comp.simulation.

Yours sincerely,
Folkert Wierda         WINFFWW @ HDETUD1 . BITNET
Alexander Verbraeck    WINFAVE @ HDETUD1 . BITNET


Date: Thu, 4 May 89 16:14 MST

                           Please Post

                     Call for Participation
                 Fourth AI & Simulation Workshop

 11th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
            Detroit, Michigan, Monday August 21, 1989

     The   workshop   will   bring   together   researchers   and
practitioners  who  are interested in exploring the  benefits  of
merging methods and techniques offered by Artificial Intelligence
and  Simulation  Modelling. Research and practical  results  that
mutually enhance the domains will be discussed.

     This  meeting will be the fourth in a series  of  Artificial
Intelligence  and  Simulation  Workshops  that  have  been   held
annually at the AAAI conferences since 1986. Whereas the previous
workshops  spanned  a  wide range  of  topics  including  general
paradigms,  methodologies,  and a number of application  problems
(mainly  utilization of AI techniques in  simulation  modelling),
this  time  the  scope  of discussion  will  be  focused  on  the
following  three  major  areas:  1.)  reasoning  about   physical
systems: simulation-based approaches and qualitative methods; 2.)
interfaces  of  simulation  with  planning  and  scheduling;  3.)

     Ample time will be left for debate in the afternoon  session
with round table group discussions covering each of the topics.

     Abstracts describing your research should be sent to:

                   Dr.  Jerzy  W.  Rozenblit,  
        Dept.  of  Electrical  and   Computer Engineering
            University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721,
                      tel.  (602) 621-6177,
                e-mail: rozenb...@arizevax.bitnet              

     Please  send  six  copies of your  abstract.  Include  name,
address,  phone  number, and e-mail address.  Abstracts  must  be
received  by  May 15, 1989. Please do not exceed a limit  of  800
words. Abstracts should include key figures and references.

     Each  abstract  will be refereed by panel  members.  Authors
will be notified about acceptance or rejection by June 15,  1989.
The accepted abstracts will be placed in the workshop  proceeding
to  be  distributed at the meeting. The workshop will  feature  9
presentations  selected  by  the panel members  and  round  table

Workshop Chairman: Dr. Jerzy W. Rozenblit, University of Arizona

Panel  Members:
     Dr. Paul A. Fishwick, University of Florida;  
     Dr. Richard  B.  Modjeski, U.S. Army Concepts  Analysis  Agency;  
     Dr. Norman  R.  Nielsen, Stanford Research Institute;
     Dr.  Tuncer  I. Oren, University of Ottawa;
     Dr. Bernard P. Zeigler, University of Arizona    


Date:     Sun, 07 May 89 22:53:54 PDT
From: GUASCH%CALSTATE.BIT...@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU  (Prof. Dr. Antonio Guasch)
Cc: bbou...@bnr.bitnet
Cc: e...@servax.bitnet
Subject:  Call for papers (OO Simulation)

              CALL FOR PAPERS

   1990 SCS Western Multiconference
   January 17-19
   Town and Country Hotel
   San Diego, California

   This is a call for the OBJECT-ORIENTED SIMULATION session

        Object-oriented design and programming are becoming
        increasingly important in software engineering in
        general, and in simulation in particular. Some
        specific areas of interest are:
           - Object-oriented simulation specification.
           - Object-oriented software for simulation.
           - Linking simulation to object-oriented data
           - Object-oriented methodologies in continuous,
             discrete and combined simulation.

                                   Program Chairman
                                   Antonio Guasch
                                   California State Univ., Chico

   Dealines and requirements:
       1- Abstracts should be sent to A. Guasch by June 15.
       2- Only original, unpublished papers will be accepted.
       3- Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent
          August 1, 1989. An Author's Kit and related information
          will be sent upon acceptance of the paper. Authors will
          be expected to register early and to attend the
          conference at their own expenses. Your paper will not
          be published in the Proceedings if you cannot present
          it at the conference.
       4- Camera-ready copies must be sent to the SCS International
          by October 8, 1989.

   Submit paper proposals to:

       A. Guasch
       Department of Computer Science
       California State University, Chico
       Chico, CA 95929-0410

   or to (e-mail):



Date:         Mon, 08 May 89 12:01:30 EDT
From: David Salzman <>
Subject:      JvNC lecture: Comp. Simulation of Organic & Biomolec. Systems

          The John von Neumann National Supercomputer Center
                         665 College Road East
               Princeton Forrestal Center, Plainsboro NJ

    "Computer Simulations of Organic and Biomolecular Systems"

                         William Jorgensen
                         Purdue University
                      4:00pm, Tuesday, May 9

This talk is co-sponsored by the Visiting Supercomputer Scientist
Program at Rutgers University.

William Jorgensen is professor of chemistry at Purdue University,
where he has taught since earning his doctorate in chemistry from
Harvard.  He studies computational methods in molecular quantum

  Open to the public.  Refreshments will be served at 3:40 PM.
  For information about the seminar or directions to the Center,
  contact <SCIE...@JVNCD.BITNET> or call 609/520-2000.
  Reservations are not needed.


Return-Path: <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 89 11:00:42 EDT
From: (Ron Zahavi)
Subject: LAN simulation packages

Someone here at Mitre needs to do some LAN simulations.  They have found
the MIT simulator, NEST and OPNET too general.  They would like to
minimize coding (or eliminate it).  Does anyone know of any packages
which can simulate LANs specifically?


 -- Ron --

      Ron Zahavi  (703) 883-5637                 Mitre Corporation                  7525 Colshire Drive
                                                 McLean, VA  22102