Connect an MPS 803 to a PC

Connect an MPS 803 to a PC

Post by cdipok » Thu, 18 Apr 2002 20:03:20

Hello, I saved an MPS 803 four months ago (you can see it at ), and I wish to use it
with the PC. I have a XE1541 cable. Does someone know how can I do it?


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1. GeoCable II vs MPS 803?

I have just picked up an MPS 803 printer from a car boot sale for 1.

Doing my usual dismantling routine, clean up and component maintenance, the
printer looks and works as good as new! However my dilemma is I was just
about to buy the GeoCable II so that I could print direct to my Epson Stylus
Color 740.

Should I continue with this purchase and put the MPS 803 up for auction? The
reason I am asking is that I have read some rather poor opinions of the MPS
series of printers within these newsgroups. Is the GeoCable II a better
option than an MPS 803?


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