Rigid Body Mechanics

Rigid Body Mechanics

Post by Paul Fishwic » Fri, 25 Jul 2003 09:55:18

A good package is Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), at least from their



Paul Fishwick, Professor
University of Florida


1. multiple collisions in a rigid body sim

I'm writing a rigid body simulator, but I'm having problems with resolving
simultaneous collisions..

my sim works like this:  for each time step it advances the sim until a
collision is detected. At that point it stops calculates &applies impulses
at each collision point to make the object(s) rebound.  Then it carries on
advancing the sim as before.

Now, it all works dandy if only one of the only one collision is detected.
But how do you calculate the proper impulses when more than one point hits
simultaneously? eg, if a block drops square onto a flat ground, each of the
four corners of the bottom face hit at the same time.

Is there a fast way of calculating these impulses?

Rob Agar

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