CompatiCard I

CompatiCard I

Post by Uwe Nas » Sat, 30 Aug 2003 22:32:11

Hi all,

 a long time ago I got a CompatiCard I. Last week I tried to
install this card as a second floppy controller card in an
old PC-AT clone. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I have three
versions of the CCDRIVER.SYS programm, which is needed in the

  - Version 1.02 hangs the computer!
  - Version 1.27 gives the correct drive letter, but trying
    to get a directory listing from that drive hangs the
    computer again!
  - Version 2.03 at least gives an error message:

    CC: Interrupt conflict or IRQ not jumpered or no card is installed.
        The error could also be caused if the I/O address is incorrect.

The problem is, that I cannot jumper an IRQ!! At least not on a
CompatiCard I.

Normally I would post this problem to a PC hardware group, but I
know that some guys listening to this group use a CompatiCard in
order to attach a 8" drive to a PC. So, any hints?

                                                Thanks in advance



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