Emulating a Mac on Windows & Unix Machines

Emulating a Mac on Windows & Unix Machines

Post by Eric Leander Go » Fri, 21 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I am just collecting information about how well Mac emulations work on
Ibm & Unix machines and would appreciate any info people would like to offer.

At what speeds do they generally run at now?
When (if they don't already) will they be able to emulate PowerPC native code?
How good are the various systems at in comming out with newer versions that run


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1. Emulating a Windows Machine on your MAC

Hi all.

I have a decent MAC Performa which has a DOS partition on the hard drive
that allows be to toggle between the MAC and the PC, so I can run DOS and
Windows.  I really don't like this set-up.  I would rather run the
DOS-Windows thing on my MAC desktop.  My machine is not a PowerMAC, so I
can't run SoftWindows.

I have heard that I can run a PC emulation on my MAC that will run DOS and
Windows in a window on my desktop, and that this program is called SoftPC.

SoftPC is supposedly an emulation of an IBM AT XT or something, which
sounds very slow and clunky.  But if that is all there is, then that's all
there is...

I've been searching the net for a downloadable version, but have not found
one.  This leads me to believe that this application is NOT FREE, but must
be purchased!

A couple of things...

1)  If there are other such applications, could you please tell me what
they are, and where to find them.

2)  If SoftPC is available on the net, even in a demo version, could you
please tell me where to find it.

3)  If you have any experience with this application, I would appreciate a
response.  (no flames).

Thanks all!

Big D

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