CFP -- SCS Joint Special-Issue on Parallel and Distributed Simulation.

CFP -- SCS Joint Special-Issue on Parallel and Distributed Simulation.

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***************** EXTENDED CALL FOR PAPERS ****************************

                   TRANSACTIONS OF THE SCS

                    JOINT SPECIAL ISSUE

SIMULATION, The Society for Computer Simulation (SCS) monthly journal,
and TRANSACTIONS of the SCS is planning to produce a Joint Special
Issue on Parallel and Distributed Simulation.

(*** Please note: this is an extension of the original call-for-papers
in which only SIMULATION was involved. ***)

The primary focus of this field has been reducing simulation execution
times through the use of parallel and distributed computing platforms.
During this time, research results have reported substantial speedups
across a wide variety of application areas, including wireless
telecommunication networks, combat models, digital logic circuits, and
air traffic control systems, finance, fuel combustion, air pollution,
and high-energy physics. However, more recently, the issue of
simulator interoperability has become a topic of increased interest
within the simulation community. Here, distributed simulation
technologies are employed as a means of integrating new and existing
simulators to aid in mitigating the ever-increasing cost of simulator
development. Examples of such simulation environments include
Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS), Aggregate Level Simulation
Protocol (ALSP), and, most recently, the High Level Architecture (HLA)
which has been adopted as a standard by the U.S. Department of

The purpose of this joint special issue is to present a variety of
advances in parallel and distributed simulation technologies that
address simulator performance, interoperability or a combination of
the two. The scope of this special issue includes, but is not
restricted to:

        o Parallel and distributed simulation methodologies
          (event-driven, time-driven, or combination of)

        o Time and data management algorithms to support
          interoperability, scalability and/or high performance

        o Application case studies

        o Performance evaluations

        o Tools for parallel and distributed simulation

        o Survey and tutorial papers on key topics


                          Submission Details

This joint special issue will span both SIMULATION and TRANSACTIONS
resulting in an issue dedicated to this topic from each publication.
Selected papers will be placed in either SIMULATION or TRANSACTIONS at
the discretion of the editorial staff. Authors are nevertheless urged to
consider the orientation of these publications when preparing their
submission. Orientation information along with the detailed submission
instructions can be found on the SCS web-site at or
the back cover of these respective publications.

The submission deadline has been extended to January 15, 1997. The
final decision will be made by April 15, 1998 and the papers will
appear in a Summer, 1998 issue of these respective publications.

e-mail message should contain your name, address, e-mail, fax number,
ASCII text abstract and a Postscript version of your paper.
Alternatively, send 5 copies of your paper to the address below. For
additional information, please contact the guest editor at:

Dr. Christopher D. Carothers
801 Atlantic Drive                        
College of Computing                      
Georgia Institute of Technology          
Atlanta, Georgia 30332                    

Phone:  (404) 894-6858

Christopher D Carothers
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
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