About the SC mailing list and SC 0.80

About the SC mailing list and SC 0.80

Post by s.. » Fri, 30 May 1997 04:00:00

Hi guys, I'd like to tell you two things about the SC mailing list and
the latest release, Version 0.80. If you once subscribed to the mailing
list but somehow don't receive anything there although you think you
should then, perhaps, the E-Mail address you gave me when you subscribe
was invalid. When I send out letters to the mailing list and it bounces
back from an address with the message "host not found" or "account
unknown" or similar then I delete that address from my list. Please,
send me a letter again from a more stable address of yours in this case.

As I said in the NEWS, there surely will be some major bugs in the latest
release and I've already found one: Star Zip is incapable of creating
diskpacked ZipCode archives. Please, use Star Zip 0.73 for that (there
have been no changes in the diskpack routines since then) until I release
some kind of maintenance release.

Please, send your bug reports to be so that I can collect and fix them
as soon as possible. If there are some other major bugs then there WILL
be a maintenance release called Version 0.81 soon. Help me!

Joe Forster/STA