Help wanted: configuring Gandalf 5240/5242 ISDN boxes

Help wanted: configuring Gandalf 5240/5242 ISDN boxes

Post by georg.. » Thu, 30 Mar 1995 04:00:00

We are a small college about to connect our campus LAN to a small LAN at newly created
faculty office site.  Each LAN runs Novell 3.12, one over Token Ring, one over
Ethernet 10bT.

Nevada Bell has already installed 2B+D ISDN lines at each site.  The next step is to
connect the LANs over these lines via Gandalf ISDN boxes.  (One box is a
5240i, the other a 5242i.)  Before I get too carried away I'd like to get some
idea of the proper configuration of these boxes for a Novell network.  Traffic
for now will be strictly IPX.  In the future we plan on using Gandalf boxes to
connect to a router at the University of Nevada, Reno, for our Internet access.

I only know enough about NW to keep myself out of significant trouble and would
appreciate any help to keep it that way.

George Brooks
Sierra Nevada College


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Recently I acquired a Gandalf ISDN bridge. It's a Lanline model 5240. So
far, so good. The fan makes a nice sound.

BUT.. Right now I can't use the bridge because it doesn't know about PPP
(an CHAP/PAP).

Can anyone help me get a firmware update to teach this machine about PPP?
I would be ever so grateful.


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