HP C1533A DAT and SBACKUP, NW 4.1

HP C1533A DAT and SBACKUP, NW 4.1

Post by Ulf Schell » Tue, 11 Apr 1995 04:00:00


has anyone successfully used a HP C1533A DAT Streamer with SBACKUP
under Netware 4.1. SBACKUP complains about the media which it can
not recognize. The DAT operates very well under DOS and Linux.
An Archive VIPER 2150 QIC Streamer operates with SBACKUP.
Any Idea?

Thanks for any hints.



1. Use SBACKUP with HP SureStore5000 DAT drive


We have just bought a HP SureStore5000 DAT for our
NW 4.1 server. The SCSI adaptor is Adaptec 1742 EISA.

However we cannot get the drive to work with SBACKUP.
We have tried to load tapedai.dsk, tsa_400,....
but SBACKUP simply refuses to work however hard we tried.

Where can I find further information (other than NW's
"help") to use SBACKUP, or is there any other "free"
software available ??

Please send me any help by email.

Thanks in advance!


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