MAC address of MAC and Inventory software

MAC address of MAC and Inventory software

Post by Shawn Barnha » Fri, 08 Aug 1997 04:00:00

! Can someone tell me how to display the MAC address of any Macs
! logged into a v3.12 server? If I use the USERLIST /A command, it lists
! the Node Address of any Macs as Unknown.

Boy, wouldn't that be nice if Novell would've given us that information?  
I mean, it's got to be in the AppleTalk stack someplace, although even
ATCON doesn't give it to you.

I've often wished I had a utility that would resolve Ethernet addresses
to even their AppleTalk net and node numbers or better yet the names that
nbplkup returns for tracing IP conflicts, without spending thousands of
dollars on a sniffer.

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