Backup products - Snapback by Columbia Data Products

Backup products - Snapback by Columbia Data Products

Post by Mike Ave » Wed, 02 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I've been asked to look at Snapback by Columbia Data Products.

Has anyone here used it?  If so, what's your experience been?  Good,
bad, indifferent?  What about technical support, if you needed it?



1. Best Data Products Fax/Data/Voice/Stereo Sound Card

I was in CompUSA here in Austin and they have a product from Best Data
Products (ACE Product Manager) that is based in the TI 32xxxx DSP which
is a combined fax modem, stereo sound card, and voice mail in one neat
package for $229. It is another "soft-modem" design, where the code for
the DSP is downloaded from the IBM host. Excellent architecture I might
add. One of the "upgrades" available is a 28.8K software module. The
packaging of the product includes a picture of several IBM 3.5" diskettes,
with the label "ACE..... " in it.

The box also welcomes developers with a mention that they do have
software developers toolkits for the card.

Does anyone know anything about this product, or the developers

If you would be so kind as to reply by e-mail, since we are losing
our usenet news feed real soon.

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