NFS vs Developer program?

NFS vs Developer program?

Post by <darkn.. » Fri, 16 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I was wondering that if I sign up for the developer's
program, can I receive NetwareNFS.  There are some
packages available for free, but the NFS option was
not mentioned.  This is really a limiting feature.
Do any developer's know the answer to this.

I called the Developer channels within Novell, and
only an answering machine was available.  I left
a message, and no one responded.  I'm thinking that
the developer program (presented at JavaOne convention)
is rather questionable.


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1. NW5 SP3A + NFS v2.4 (NFS services for Netware 5)

NTS tells me to change a value in my SYS:ETC/NFSSERV.CFG file -- and I don't
have one!

Except for a particularly irritating problem this change is supposed to help
with the addition of a different UNIXLIB.NLM they've sent me, my NFS server
has been running just fine.

So I'm wondering if the file normally would not exist in the version that
I'm running, and that they are simply assuming I'm running a later (for
NW5.1?) version of NFS that DOES have this file.

Experiences?  SHOULD I have this file, given the release of NW and NFS that
I'm running?  And if I SHOULD, where can I get the default setup for it, which
should surely represent what's running here without one right now?

The entries offered in the KnowledgeBase (when searched for NFSSERV.CFG)
certainly suggests the file should exist, but the same entries also suggest
to me that they're documenting NFS v3 for NW5.1, too.

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