Help with Personal Netware 1.1, please

Help with Personal Netware 1.1, please

Post by Arthur Joll » Mon, 02 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I work for the conservation and we have a problem with our network and
can not find anyone who can help us - except, maybe, by calling Novell
in Amsterdam, but I don't like the thought of the phone bill.

The firm which installed the network in the first place have forgotten
how they set it up.

Unfortunately, none of us is in to networks, but this is the position as
best I can describe it. We find the manual confusing to say the
least and appears to be contradictory in places - probably our fault.

We are using Personal Netware v 1.1 and have three PCs with a printer
attached to two of them.

2 of the PCs are designated servers and the other a client

We run Windows 3.11 and Dos 6 (one of our main progs is dos-based)

A few weeks ago we had a major "outage" and all the software on one of
the machines had to be re-installed.

Since then, we have not been able to print on the two printers without
having to change the settings.

For example, each PC can print to our laser printer, or, when we change
the setting, can each print to the dot matrix.

Before the outage, each PC could print to each printer without any
change of settings.

The settings we have to change on each PC are:

Autoexec.bat -  net capture lpt1 laser  (for PC with laser attached)
                net capture lpt2 matrix

                net capture lpt1 matrix  (for PC with matrix attached)
                net capture lpt2 laser

                net capture lpt1 laser  (for PC without printer)
                net capture lpt2 matrix

Script file - as above
(in NET)                                                          

Net Admin - capture printers as above

Printers in Control Panel- set printers as above

When we change the settings on one Pc in Net Admin, it seems to change
the settings on the other PCs., so we can never get the settings we

Also, the manual says that if a printer is to be shared on a network,
the printer should not be set to the physical port to which it is
connected - but I am sure ours was before we had the problem.

I feel the problem must only be a simple one for anyone who understands
PNW and so am loathe to call out someone who may not be fully au-fait
with PNW, in case it costs a lot of money - and I then have to raise
that money to pay for it.

Having said that, Novell's web site does not list any "partners" in the

This really is a problem for us as we have all our membership database
(Dos-based) and our accounts (Windows-based) running on the network and
we have to print out to laser and matrix printers on a regular basis. I
know we should upgrade our software and systems, but funds are not
available for that at this point in time.

Is there anyone out there who might be able to help, please, or at least
point us in the right direction?

Thank you for reading this.