Primnnters and netware

Primnnters and netware

Post by Michael J We » Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Not meaning to ask a kinda dumb question, but im new with netware, is it a good or bad thing to connect a postscript printer to netware ver 3.12? Will it work? i dont see any mention of it in the manuals....


Michael Wenk

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1. netware 3.12 menus on netware 5.1

Have netware 5.1 fully patched , have copied all files needed to run netware
3.12 menus to a new netware 5.1 server. if i log on from a win 98 client go
to a dos prompt and run the menus they run fine., i go to a win2k client do
to a command or cmd prompt and cannot run the menus. i get the following
unable to execute menu parse program
the satus of the command was : -1

Has anyone tried running the menus on win2k, or are there any alternatives
out there for the menus, as i need to get them or something similar working
on win2k

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