Lan Analyzer and Push Agent.

Lan Analyzer and Push Agent.

Post by Yvan Poisso » Mon, 12 Jan 1998 04:00:00

        Hello !

    My problem is.

    One a NetWare 4.11server using the Cheyenne Push agent v2.1 for backup,
I've installed NMA, and Lanz.

    During backup, the server fall on abend "CPU hog ....".

    This dosen't happen if the backup is made without the push agent or if I
disactivate the scanning of the board (via LANZCON).

    Configuration is Compaq 850 R with 2 NetFlex 3 -100/Mb (one is load and
bind but the segment is unuse). Netware 4.11 with Patch TCP04.

    I've the mame result with        - The last Lanz NLM's.
                                                - The UPGRADE LOW PRIORITY
                                                - The Hog CPU timeout to 0.
(the server REALY hang).

    Any idea ?

    Thaks                Yvan.


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