Two Logins per Single NT workstation?

Two Logins per Single NT workstation?

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We're running Netware 4.11.  When someone logs in from a Windows NT
workstation, they show up twice in the userlist.  No problems with 95/98

Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks.



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Hi Group,

I'm having an unusual problem.  I have a NetWare 5sp3a network, a stand
alone NetWare 3.2 server that is rarely used and an NT 4.0 network.  We do
not run NDS for NT and so the Domain is a distinctly separate entity.  My
desktop machine is an NT workstation and I use Novell's Client v4.6sp2.  My
username and password are the same in the NDS and the Domain.  Until this
week I have had no problem logging in with the NetWare client, being
authenticated to both the NDS and the NT domain, having both the NetWare and
NT login scripts run and all of this happening automatically at login.  I
have also been able to map to resources on the 3.2 box when needed. My
password on the 3.2 box was different but the user name was the same.

Last week I was accessing resources on the 3.2 box and the "your password
has expired" message popped up.  I didn't change the pw because I was in a
hurry.  Later that day I came back and changed the password on the 3.2 box
with the newer sysconw.exe that is a part of 3.2.  I hadn't used it before
and didn't realise that it would also change my NW5 password.  I don't know
if this is how it usually happens, but I was authenticated to both systems
and they were both showing in the sysconw screen.  I had only selected the
user under the 3.2 box.

Anyway, sorry for dragging out the post, I was no longer able to log into
both the domain and the NDS at once because of differing passwords.  I
changed my NT password to match the rest after I realised what had happened.

Ever since, I haven't been able to be authenticated to both the Domain and
the NDS at once.  I can use the Novell client to access either one but I
have to log into each separately.  Prior to this everything has worked
flawlessly for the past 6 months.

I have reinstalled the workstation, reinstalled the client, support packed
the client, deleted my old profile (locally and on the server).  User name
and password is the same for both systems.  Anyone have an idea as to how I
can get this working again?

Again, sorry for the long post,

Doug Allen

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