SmartCD for JukeBox Pioner on NW 4.10

SmartCD for JukeBox Pioner on NW 4.10

Post by Carlo Reggian » Thu, 23 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi to all.

I have problems with the SmartCD software: on Netware 4.10 (service pack
8a) SmartCD
crash with a page fault error! I have no more info because the message
is on the
console of my customer (I resolved the problem by hot line disabling the
loading of
SmartCD in autoexec.ncf).

The hw platform is a IBM PCServer 310 with an Adaptec 2940 (AIC7870
driver, the one
distributed with the 4.10 cds).

On SmartCD intallation instruction there is a line with indication about
for the SCSI device driver like tag_disable=ff, but nothing clear about
the specific device driver
I have.

Have you any idea about the reason of these page faults (the sw is now
always in page fault when started)?

Thanks in advance

Carlo - Verona Italy

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