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1. Question about Novell's CNE Study Guide for Netware 4.1

I have a copy of this book and some of the examples used in Ch. 11 to explain
Inheritance and the IRF are either confusing (to me) or just wrong.  I was
under the impression that an explicit trustee assignment to an object overrided
any inherited rights to that object.  A few quick tests I performed using
NWADMIN seem to confirm this and this book sstates this as well.

The problem is in the examples shown at the end of the chapter.  David Clark,
the author, states that "Effective Rights = trustee assignment + inheritance -
IRF (inherited rights filter)."  Example Case #1 states:
  "In this case, we are helping Sherlock Holmes gain administrative rights to
the Crime Fighting division.  Refer to Figure 11.41.  It all starts at
.CRIME.TOKYO.ACME.  He is granted [CD] NDS privileges.  Also, he ancestrally
inherits Browse rights from the special [Public] trustee. There is no IRF in
  In the next container, WHITE, SHolmes gets [S] from his "CRIME-Group" group.
Also, there's an IRF of [D].  Finally, these privileges flow down to the
WHITE-SRV1 server object and become inherited rights.  But the server's IRF is
set to [BR], so some of them are blocked.  Also, Sholmes has a explicit trustee
assignment of [D] to the WHITE-SRV1 server.  Finally, Sherlock's home container,
WHITE, is granted [C] privileges to the server object."

Figure 11.41 shows

The solution appears as follows:


IRF               [   - ]
Inheritance       [   - ]
[Public]          [B    ]
SHolmes-TA        [ CD  ]
Effective Rights  [BCD  ] - CRIME

IRF               [  D  ]
Inheritance       [  D  ]
Group-TA          [    S]
Effective Rights  [BCDRS] - WHITE

IRF               [B  R ]
Inheritance       [B  R ]
WHITE-TA          [ C   ]
SHolmes-TA        [  D  ]
Effective Rights  [BCDR ] - WHITE-SRV1

My question really concerns the rights to the WHITE-SRV1.  Why are they not
just CD?  Can someone explain why Mr. Clarke is right and I am wrong or vice
versa?  The other examples he sites are not consistent wrt this issue.  In
one he shows that explicit trustee assignments at a lower level are added to
inherited rights and in the other he shows that these explicit assignments
override the inherited rights.    HELP!

Email would be appreciated.

Bob Sweeney

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