nds design test question

nds design test question

Post by todd » Sun, 28 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone taken 50-634 and had questions which required you to memorize the
planning and documentation stuff. This stuff reads like an ISO or GNP
Do you have to know what should be in a Accessibility Needs Analysis
Document, or a Accessibility Guidelines Document or a Administrative
Strategies Document.

Is it an ugly test, or is the NDS knowledge from the advanced admin test
almost enough for this one?



nds design test question

Post by Caz57 » Thu, 02 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I am a CNI, and in my opinion, the NDS Design test was by far the EASIEST test.
I hardly studied at all.  If you are comfortable with  REPLICA placements and
the DEFAULTS, you should be fine.

Good luck. . .


1. NDS / OU design question

I've read a few texts on NDS design, but none seem to deal with the fact
that many (well, mine anyway) offices only have one server per office,
or as in my case, multiple servers, but all are used by all users (ie a
main file server, and small ones for faxserve, groupwise messaging).

I'm unsure as to wheter i should be using OU's in my tree underneath the
actual branch unit. ie i have ho.nsw.coname.tree_name (not real names

Should I make OU's under .HO.??? like travel.ho.nsw...,
freight.ho.nsw....finance.ho.nsw, and i would have deptments splits
under travel again (all because different apps, mappings, printers &
access are required). In all deps, they use the same servers...which are

So, should i be using OU's to represent these departments, or should all
users & resources v=be directly under HO??? and then use profiles,
groups etc to allocate different access to  users??? the NDS books
assume every dept of 3 peopl has its own servers , printers etc
etc...not the case for me.


Nick Duddy,

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