FS: Cybex 4P KVM switch $350 obo

FS: Cybex 4P KVM switch $350 obo

Post by Cybe » Mon, 12 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I have a Cybex Personal Commander 4 port KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse)
Electronic Switch box with qty. 4 (CURC-8) 8ft Universal Cables. AutoBoot
enabled. VGA, SVGA, and XVGA supported. Manual included. Never registered.

This package was over $650 when new 18 months ago. Asking $350 or best
reasonable offer. You pay shipping.


1. FS: WebRamp Entre ISDN router w/POTS, hub -- $350 OBO

Hi there,

I will shortly be using DSL, so I no longer have a need for this ISDN
router. As ISDN routers go, it's been very good to me.

Full product details are available on the manufacturer's Web site at
http://www.rampnet.com/products/entre/index.html, but here's the

  * ISDN router with built-in four-port (expandable) 10BaseT Ethernet
  * Two POTS ports, with support for (among other things) Call Waiting.
    I don't remember the REN per port, but I remember when shopping
    around that the Entre had a higher REN than anything else I found.
    Good thing to consider if you're planning on running more than a
    couple of phones off the thing.
  * Unlimited number of users (theoretically, anyway).
  * Does Network Address Translation (NAT), also known as IP spoofing
    or IP masquerading. (Ramp Networks calls this feature "EasyIP").
  * Has a built-in DHCP server if you want/need to dynamically assign
    IP numbers to machines on your LAN.
  * Performs incoming and outgoing packet filtering, acting as a sort
    of firewall for your LAN.
  * Supports the expected features such as Multilink PPP, Dynamic
    Bandwidth Allocation (adds and drops B-channels on demand), demand
    dialing, integrated NT1, etc. However, it doesn't support
    compression (at least to my knowledge).
  * Very easy to set up; includes idiot-proof WebRampWiz software (for
    Macintosh and Windows) or can be configured through a telnet

The typical street price for this (and comparable routers) is around
$600+; I'd like to get $350 out of it (for which I'll include shipping
in the US), but I'll certainly take offers. In fact, I *encourage*

phone during the day at 303 316-5671.


Jeremy Rosenberger

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