netware connect - remote node vs. remote control?

netware connect - remote node vs. remote control?

Post by Wade Gillingh » Tue, 28 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I'm new to the world of Netware Connect so I someone could answer a
complex question simply I would appreciate it.  Connect was configured
in my office to use Stac's Reachout for Remote Control connections.  In
working with dialup users I have seen the draw backs of this type of
service - the main one being accessing the local client hard drive when
connected, file transfer has to be used.  Has anybody worked with both
types of connections and what are your opinions of both - pros/cons?  


1. ? remote control via remote node

I am tring to do remote node via remote node. Here is how i think
it should work: I am using novell's vlm's, Shiva's ipxodi drivers
and to provide a PPP connection. On my remote PC I have OceanIsle
Remote Control Software for the network and at the Host machine I
have the same software. When I dial into the Shiva Box I get a
remote node connection. Next I try to login to the Host PC. I
exchange logins but never get all the way in. Is anyone out there
doing this sort of thing now?

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