HP JukeBox & NW 4.1

HP JukeBox & NW 4.1

Post by YOUNG Wo Sa » Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:00:00


        Can NW 4.1 HCSS support the HP Model 10 Jukebox? Anyone have
idea about that!

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1. HP JetDirect EX Plus 3 & NW 4.1 - not yet!

Call me crazy but I believed our H-P vendor and H-P's faxback data sheet for
the JetDirect EX Plus 3 print server claiming that it operated as an NDS
native mode print server.

The manual enclosed with the 5 units I bought for a "get it running now"
project indicated that native NDS support was available for units with
firmware rev D.04.06 or higher. All shipped with rev D.04.03, so I assumed
(stupidly, as it turns out) that I could get a flash update from H-P's ftp
site. Turns out that H-P has been trying to get the firmware out of their lab
since August-ish without success, so be prepared to set these boxes up in
bindery mode for a while yet.

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 Network Analyst
 Vancouver Hospital & Health Sciences Centre
 Vancouver, BC Canada

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