NT Workstation 3.5/3.51 and NetWare 4.1 (script processing)

NT Workstation 3.5/3.51 and NetWare 4.1 (script processing)

Post by Danish Wahe » Sun, 31 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hello everyone
We have a lab with 25 NT 3.5 Workstations which are connecting to our NetWare
4.1 server (NDS) using Novell's latest client for NT (12/95 release).  Our
problem is that, NT is not processing the logon script on our NetWare, due to
which we have to map drives manually in the file manager.  What is even worst
is that, there are 120 accounts on our NetWare which will be logging on via NT,
and each account has its own home directory.  But all those 120 users will be
using the same NT logon (same NT account) to logon to NT Workstation but with
different NetWare account.

Is there any way to map drives or process the NetWare script in NT?  Will
upgrading to NT 3.51 help?

I know that Windows 95 process the NetWare script, so I assume there must be
some way to do it in NT (as NT is desinged for networking purpose).

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Danish Waheed