Trouble: Connecting WIN98 and DOS-PC (ethernet)

Trouble: Connecting WIN98 and DOS-PC (ethernet)

Post by MarkBo » Sun, 20 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hello together,

First the most important: HELP!

Now the details: I have a problem with WIN98 and I hope somone can help me.

Few days ago Ive changed to WIN98 (from WIN 3.1 :-) and until that moment I
had connected my two computers (a Pentium and an old 386) with ethernet-cards
and Novell-Lite. It was a peer-to-peer network, that allways worked well.

Now there is the question how to hold up that network because I cannot combine
that old network software (DOS) with WIN98. A test installation of Novell-Lite
told me, that WIN98 realy dont like DOS-TSR programs :-)

Certainly Ive tried to use the WIN98-network-client. It seems, that it works
only with Novell-Netware, but not with Novell-Lite. I was asked for a working
group and for the server with the user list. But I dont know such things from
Novell-Lite. If somone knows how it works, please send me a e-mail!

If Im right that the WIN98-network-client doesnt works together with
Novell-Lite please tell me if there is software to connect WIN98-computers with
DOS-computers via peer-to-peer (best with ethernet).

I know its seems to be crazy and possibly you ask yourself: why doesnt he buy
a second pentium-computer and make WIN98-intern network? But theres running a
freeware BBS-software on the DOS-machine and Im sure it wont run correct with
WIN98. Thats why I want to remain it first (never change a running system, you
know? :-)

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

Please answer with e-mail, because I usualy cant have a look in this

And excuse my bad english (german? yes... :-)




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