Windows 95 Novell client X Inoculan for Windows 95 1.0

Windows 95 Novell client X Inoculan for Windows 95 1.0

Post by Luis Bra » Fri, 03 May 1996 04:00:00

I need to enable the enforcement feature of Inoculan, but i have a
problem with a windows 95 workstation.

 I do not know how to load the Inoculan for windows 95 before the
Novell Netware 32 client. If i enable the enforcement, this
workstation will not logon because the server needs the monitor loaded
at the workstation, but at the login time, the monitor is not loaded

 Does anyone have any tip ?


1. Windows 95 -> 1603 -> 3640 -> Windows 95 configuration

Dear Experts,

We have an application which uses TCP/IP. Although it's not really a
client-server application, the equivalent of our "clients" (Windows 95
run at both the remote and central sites whilst the "servers" (which is
are DOS
machines running a TCP/IP stack) are at the remote sites. The central
3640 router
needs to dial the remotes if backup lines are required, not the other
way around.
This is the way that it needs to work for financial reasons (ISDN
billing). For info, the remote sites have 1603 routers running just the
basic IP feature set but we have IPX feature packs available for them if
necessary but it's easier to leave them alone than to update them if we
don't have to.

The TCP/IP side of things is absolutely fine. We have Kilostream routes
to the
remote sites with ISDN as "proper" backup links (backup interface dialer
X with
the ISDN BRI's all in one pool and each dialer interface pointing at a
different remote site). Kilostream TCP/IP and backup TCP/IP work fine
IGRP pretty much takes care of all that).

In order to make our software updates easier, we would like to have
visilbility of
our Windows 95 machines at each site from the central site. Although we
can use
FTP clients/servers to pass files we would rather use standard Windows
networking (IPX, Netbeui, whatever) and share out the drives/directories
each site using Windows 95 file sharing. (It doesn't seem to work over
should it?)

I am using bridging over the serial links to successfully provide this
setup BUT
if I either force the kilostream to fail (or if it fails of it's own
accord) the
ISDN backup links don't seem to carry the same information. We need the
lines to carry everything that the serial links do and stay connected
permanently until the Kilostream comes good. However, on ISDN backup the
Windows 95 machines disappear from the Network Neighborhood and cannot
be seen
using the normal Windows file sharing connectivity.

Everything I've tried to make this work over the ISDN links has failed.
anyone got any ideas? Am I going about it the wrong way? Should I be
another protocol completely (IPX for example) along with our TCP/IP?

I decided not to post the configuration files straight away in case
someone says
"Oh, its obvious, you probably aren't doing X-Y-Z" but I can provide the
files if it will help. And any help will be VERY gratefully received.
I've been scouring the (next to useless) manuals, online help, Cisco's
web site and DejaNews for clues about this, all with no luck so far.

Best wishes,

Rob Darke

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