weird square fonts on 3 diff app what is it? plssss help

weird square fonts on 3 diff app what is it? plssss help

Post by veris and amee youn » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 12:08:53

i dl zoo tycoon the otherday. When i start i can see reg fonts and can read
them when it's loading. When i get to part on tutorial or freeplay I can't
read the fonts. They are all bunch of square boxes. This same prob started
happening on my recipe program i have that worked before fine. Today i got
demo disk from PCgamer and went to install rise of nation and the fonts were
same square boxes. I copied zoo tycoon on hubby's puter and it works fine
and i can read the tutorial ect. I ran virus scan, one button check up,
defraged, ran tweakui with repaire font folder and reinstalled my win 98 se.
Still same problem. any idea whats going on?
one thing is the numbers are all ok i can read them like serial number or in
RON demo i can tell how big the file was when it was trying to install it.
so numbers are fine just the letters are all bunch of square boxes.

pl any help or idea .

amee young


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Here's a new one for me...

I was making copies of a font to take my prepress guys when I  found that
I could not move the copies from the font folder!  When I tried to move
them, I got an error message saying that the command could not be exectued
because of an error.  I can't get them out of there!  ?????

Should I not copy the fonts while in the font folder?  

These are actually suitcases, BTW.

Any help (especially email) will be appreciated.

Thanks,  John

John Lawless
AcuTab Publications


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