Looking for superscripts & subscripts

Looking for superscripts & subscripts

Post by EIVE.. » Wed, 18 Mar 1992 00:12:17

>>With the advent of Hypercard 2.0, word processing formats were
>>thankfully added to Hypercard fields.  At least the basic formats.
>>One of the primary things preventing us from using Hypercard is the
>>lack of subscript or superscript capabilities.  Are there any XCMDs
>>or commercial products for Hypercard that allow you to do this??
>A possible solution is to use a font which has sub/superscripted
>characters. One which I wrote a number of years ago (for just this
>purpose) is called BosMath. It should still be around the network
>somewhere and, if it is not, I can send you a copy. Another such
>font was the ANU series of fonts from Australian National University.

I'm cross-posting this to comp.fonts in hopes of getting the lowdown on
current specialty fonts for super-/sub-scripting fonts. Perhaps there are
other fonts, say for fractions or other special purposes, that are in the
public domain and that would be useful to the HyperCard community?

Please post replies to comp.sys.mac.hypercard





I am porting a Chemistry project from QBasic 4.5 to VB 3.0 to run
under Windows 3.x.

Are there any SUPERSCRIPT AND SUBSCRIPT fonts out there?

Can anyone help me here?

Please reply by email if possible as my IP's newsfeed seems to be
erratic (sometimes I don't even see my own posts!).

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